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SPIRIT OF THE FOREST ......an Adventure In Scandinavia and Northern Europe


SPIRIT OF THE FOREST ......an Adventure In Scandinavia and Northern Europe, July 2012.

"This picture was taken one summer evening in July in Latvia. I am leaning against one of the oldest trees in the Latvian forest, said to be about 400 years old. This encounter was part of my recent journey in Scandinavia and Northern Europe, in search of the Spirit of the Forest.
The Journey began in Finland, and then continued on to Norway and then Latvia. The purpose was to begin the work for "The Earth Keeper" series that will be my focus in 2013. I have been guided to begin to explore the way in which we will relate to and connect with the Earth as we enter fully into the New Earth and her Multi-Dimensional Reality.

What an adventure that was! In Finland it was a Joy to work once again with the Finnish Family of Light, and to enter into the Forest World. In Finland, which is a large country with a fairly small population, the Forest is the dominant energy, with its lakes and rivers. The Finns have a close connection to their Forest heritage and to the Elemental world. The Rainbow Bridge that anchors the connection to the Sixth Dimension and the Magical Realms was first activated in northern Finland and Norway, and the Finns live with a sense of the closeness of the Spirit of the Forest and the Fairy Realms that exist within the Forest.

Are Fairies real?...In Finland they certainly are. This image was taken as part of a fashion shoot for my friend Mai Niemi's clothing range. The background of the Forest and the Lake evoke a world where Nature and Humans live together with a consciousness of the Elemental World and their place in Nature. This was the "original plan", when the Fairy peoples lived in the Forests along with Humans and before they retreated into the Higher Dimensions to escape the destructive energy of emerging humanity. It is time for us to learn how to respect the Forest World and invite the Fairy energy back into our lives. The New Earth will be determined by our ability to reconnect with and reintegrate the Forest energy, whether it be in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, South America or Asia......we will need to learn how to co-exist with the Spirit of the Forest. This is simply because the Forest is the original pattern of Abundance and Co-existence between Nature and Human Life....

The Forest is an EcoSystem where Trees dominate, and where the pattern of life is determined by the energy and synergy of Trees. Trees are living and sentient beings....they live, breathe, feel and communicate just as we do, although in different ways. They are older than Humanity, and they are Guardians of Life on the Earth. That is why many Spiritual Traditions speak of the "Tree of Life", for the energy and dynamics of the Tree World are intimately connected with Human Life. Human Life only thrives when the Tree world thrives, and it suffers in direct proportion to the suffering of the Forests and the Trees."   forts.

"New Earth Rising....August 2012...Spirit of the Forest...an Adventure in Scandinavia and Northern Europe."

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