søndag 26. august 2012

Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 8/26/12 ‘The Decree of your Creator’ As channeled through Greg Giles

"Swiftly sweeping you towards your new reality are your hopes and your dreams for a better world and a better life for you and those around you. It has been many long eons since many of you could call a world that you live in safe, secure, prosperous, even beautiful, as much of your planet has become scarred and marred in certain ways.  We see for you many changes on your horizon, but all of these changes do not come for free without some kind of effort and some levels of responsibility for your roles as caretakers of your new world. What we, the Galactic Federation of Light, propose is that each and every one of you take an active role in not only the shaping of your new world in its design, but in the implementation process where these changes will take place. What we mean by this is we would like to incorporate the efforts of every single person on your planet, although we realize this is very ambitious and would be quite a task and achievement. We also feel this is a goal at least setting for ourselves, to give us a marker to shoot for. 

What we wish to achieve by this is a certain level of pride of accomplishment, of ownership, of responsibility for the management, the upkeep and the protection of your new societies and your planet as well. When a being feels responsibility for something, when a being feels that he or she is truly a part of something, their attitudes change considerably and they are more apt to roll up their sleeves and get involved and stay involved, for they feel their contributions are worth something, that their efforts are needed and amount to something. Can you understand this? Can you see that the more hands that pitch in today in the formation of your new world and the more hands that pitch in to the projects and programs that will help shape your new world, then the more hands that will take active roles of leadership in the protection, the upkeep and the maintenance of your new world, and by maintenance we do not mean menial labor.

What we mean by maintenance is that a world does not always survive on its own. There are many necessary tasks needed to keep a society afloat and running at full speed. What we suggest are programs that will incorporate the participation of everyone on your planet in turn, so everyone can be a part of its governance, its maintenance, its planning and its upkeep. We do not wish to see many of you sitting on your hands, as it were, while allowing others to do all the work. As we have said, we have many advanced technologies that will reduce greatly the need for menial labor, and what we are talking about our areas of your new society that will necessitate, at least in some part and at least some of the time, a hands on approach from some of those of your world."  forts.

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