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In the water with sharks … August 18, 2012

"In the water with sharks …"
August 18, 2012 

"I think one way of describing these times we are trying to maneuver through, would be to say we are in the water with sharks. It feels in many ways to be a time of great or possible peril. There is a constant stream of information out there on the internet supposedly awakening us all to what is headed our way, but unfortunately it is almost impossible to tell who is telling the truth and who isn’t. As wonderful as the internet is for waking up the sleepers, the dark ones are also finding it a marvelous way to push their fear propaganda down everyone’s throats. Seems no matter what we do or think or say these days, there is a shark there waiting to latch on and pull us under for dinner.  We really must get in tune with our guts again and begin to use our discernment about the information we are coming in contact with! The sharks are swimming all around us, we can see fins sticking up out of the water everywhere. It is up to us to figure out if those fins belong to sharks or dolphins. Big difference!

I received an email yesterday that had an article enclosed in it talking about foreign troops quietgathering in America. Several years ago I would have believed it and panicked, but today I don’t. So how do we handle information like this? By not adding our fear energy into the world and giving it strength. Remember, our thoughts create our reality, so do not allow these fearful thoughts into your reality. This is what the war of the minds is all about. They wish to control the thoughts that we create for a desired outcome. They want us afraid and worrying about something like this to give this possible scenario strength. It is up to each of us to not fall into fearful thinking and believe everything we read. Listen to what your gut tells you. They want us to be afraid of everything, we must not comply!

If we are going to survive swimming with the sharks, it is critical to understand the importance of our thoughts! They are powerful and can change our reality both for the bad and the good. 
                                  DrMasaru Emoto's Messages from Water
with water crystals showed the world this message through his photographs. If you don’t know who he is check out the above link. This is what staying in our hearts is all about. To stay in our hearts we must be love and in order to be love we must think only loving thoughts and feel gratitude for all life and hold no judgment. If we are living this way we cannot entertain fearful thinking as well, our belief system must be devoted to believing that all is as it should be, and if we feel love, we are one more individual putting strong loving energy out into the universe and not fearful thoughts!

If we can change water crystals with our thoughts, it stands to reason we can change each other and the world as well, considering both are a large percentage of water! Our thoughts have immense power and this is why the dark ones are in a battle for our minds. If they can turn us into fearful thinkers they gain control over us. It is up to us to not let this happen. To stay in our hearts and maintain a loving attitude towards life is like having a shark cage to get into and away from the sharks circling us for survival. To stay above the fear raises us to a higher frequency and to do that keeps us out of the dark one’s reach.

The main ingredient required to stay in our hearts is to believe. You cannot stay there if you do not believe! We must believe that all we see and experience is as it should be and that a loving world is being manifested right now by each of us. In truth, the world is a loving place to be, it is because of the dark ones that all that changed. We must know this in our hearts and refuse to believe anything different for if we question that, the door opens wide for fear to slip in and take over. This is OUR world, it belongs to everyone, not the elite few and we shall manifest the world we envision of peace and prosperity and love."

Blessings to you all,

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