mandag 13. august 2012

Be A STAR: Surrender – Trust – Allow – Receive

Lisa Gawlas skriver sine bulletiner hver dag, og jeg kan bare anbefale alle å merke seg adressen og å lese hennes ord daglig.  Idag setter jeg inn på bloggen, det hun skriver, da det ligger dyp visdom i hennes ord.     

Be A STAR: Surrender – Trust – Allow – Receive
"Surrender… what a word!  Just the thought of it can evoke feelings of giving up, giving in, not fighting for what you (fill in the blank.)  But yet, when you feel with the energy of surrender, oh my god it feels freeing.  Energy flows within the act of surrendering, even if the mind wants to state negatives with it.

Now feel with the opposite of surrendering: fighting.  All I can see is a ball of tangled up energy.  The energy cannot flow because it is a tangled of gnarled knot.  So if we are in fight mode, how can we ever really and fully achieve what we are fighting for?

Doesn’t seem we are always fighting / working for something.  Often times our working towards something is really a great guise for the energy of fighting.

I have been working towards (fighting for) getting back to Virginia over the last two months.  By vertue of my perceived savings account I have seemed to won a 1/4 of the fight with winning.  I at least had enough for a plane ticket and to pay for airport parking while gone.

In one single morning, the fight went in a completely unexpected direction.

I gave up, gave in, surrendered to the fact that I lost my fight because there was a battle I needed to tend to that I didn’t see coming.

How often does life do that to us!!  Gotta love the challenge!!

I completely let go… Placed my white flag of surrender deep into my mind.

Trust… Now this is really a tricky word.  It is one of the hardest things to achieve in life.  Full and absolute trust that life will work out exactly as it should, which evokes our fighting for what we want/desire.

But what is it that we really don’t trust?  That someone (either seen or unseen) has our back all the time.  That we will be taken care of no matter what.  Or is it the fact we have faced so many obstacles in our past, in our path to here, that we no longer trust the way forward completely?"   forts.   

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