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Gearing Up for the 2012 Countdown August 2012

Gearing Up for the 2012 Countdown
August 2012

We are only a few months away from the highly anticipated 2012 marker. Take a moment to consider the journey you have been on since you first heard of this invisible timestamp. Where are you today regarding personal growth and change? Have your beliefs evolved over time? Are you eager to imagine and experience life differently? How attached are you to the predictions about this window of time? What effect does a modern, well-lived life have upon prophecies new and old?

A few weeks ago, just after returning from Peru, I asked myself these same questions. I sat with them and walked with them and talked with them. I empowered the questions to reveal their own answers, without forcing or directing my mind in any particular way. At first very little happened except that my usual thoughts and opinions were silent. After a while I noticed that a newer version of me was exploring a different tomorrow. My 'tomorrow self' was having fun being and doing something else. 

In contrast, the usual version of me was shuffling and reorganizing my 'yesterdays' so that I could trace the steps that got me to the place I occupy in ordinary time. Did I really experience two different versions of me at once, and if so, can I choose the newer, relaxed, modern, tomorrow self?

I would like to invite you to ask the same questions I did so that you can receive your own answers. Try being innocent, simple and inquisitive as you shape your thoughts. Untangle yourself from expectations that were created many yesterday's ago. I think you will be pleased!

To help myself stay in the flow of the newer energies I decided to reread Gaia's important message about 2012 in the popular Transition Now book. I also listened to all 5 CDs in the 2012 & Beyond set. I was surprised at how good it felt to do this. In case you feel it would bring you additional confidence and clarity too, I have set some aside before they run out as there are very few left.

I encourage you to find moments of peace, grace and awareness. Help yourself to bring the best energies forward as you allow others to make their way into the background of your experience. Every action that you make now will shape your future and the reality that we will all share very soon.

For those of you who are still seeking confidence and guidance at this time important crossroads I want to offer you a special combination of tools that might help you align yourself with this shift. We have put together the book Transition Now and the 2012 & Beyond CD set together at a special price so you can benefit from this wisdom in this special moment in time. And just for fun I also asked my webmaster to make Gaia's latest mp3 recording, The Next Indicated Right Action, available as a free bonus!

Love, Pepper.

Why not dream of a better world? Overstep previous limits and immerse yourself in the now. Be still and you will experience new thoughts and worlds as they are created. ~ Gaia

"2012" Transition Bundle | The Peaceful Planet

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