onsdag 14. september 2011

Enden er nær !

Benjamin Fulford, 14th Sep 2011 

Letter to Benjamin Fulford from Neil Keenan and Keith Scott: “We are on the cusp of a whole new era for the world … Manipulating politicians will come to a very hard end as the politicians wake up.”


Når snøballen begynner å rulle, så ruller den fort.

"The meeting between the 57 Finance Ministers from around the world that took place on board a ship off the coast of Monaco is beginning to quietly emerge as a powerful and dynamic shift in Global Economics and potentially in Global Politics as former Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries who have sided with the Banking Cabal, are now already jumping ship and supporting the growing movement toward proper financial management of the Global Accounts around the World."

"A cataclysmic shift in both Global Politics and Economics is now well under way. World Governments are coming to understand how the Global Banking System is systematically looting entire economies through theft, fraud, deception and manipulation, which in turn forces Governments to raise taxes that citizens should not have to pay."

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