tirsdag 22. april 2014

You exist within Spirit in a location called Creation ...

You exist within Spirit in a location called Creation where you enjoy the gift of eternal life. Within Creation you are perpetually held within Divine love.

Your soul exists in all dimensions of experience and is part of a unified consciousness where you, as a unique being, have an important and valued place.

As you are not separate from all else in Creation, every being within existence has a great intimacy with you - you are known, loved and adored forever. You are never alone.

Because we are the one ‘consciousness at differing points of awareness’, there is a universal equality to existence as none of us are greater or less than each other; we are simply exploring differing ‘life’ experiences.

Being in human form is an ‘experience’ your soul has chosen to explore through you. As such it is not the truth of who you are but a ‘garment’ you wear in order to experience the uniqueness of physical form.

The ‘truth’ of you is that within Spirit you are a magnificent, beautiful, vast and limitless soul who is cherished and loved unendingly by the One who created us all.

As a human you are ‘imperfect’ by design for this then generates unique challenges and opportunities. Yet, at a soul level you exist within your perfection for our Creator could create no less than perfection.

Your soul seeks only one purpose for choosing to experience human form through you; to explore new avenues of love. Being human offers us such a wonderful opportunity to experience unique aspects of love not found elsewhere within Creation.

Our self-love is the most important of all while we are human, as from it all else of love follows.

We understand love and Divinity to be one and the same. To explore new avenues of love then is to explore new aspects of both our divine selves and Divinity. It is our soul’s bliss to come into a deeper connection with All.

Your purpose by being here in our physical dimension is to help raise the temperature of love upon our world. As you are not separate at a soul-level from anyone else then any moment of love you generate effects us all. This is how influential you are.

Time and its location in Space enables our illusion of physical life to exist. You experience one lifetime at a time yet outside of ‘time’ all lifetimes co-exist and are simultaneous. In reality then, there is no past or future simply the Now.

As all of your lifetimes are linked to your consciousness if you change one lifetime you change them all therefore you can alter what seems to be the ‘past’ and shape the ‘future’.

Only the creative ‘force’ of love exists within Creation. Any harm we humans generate to each other, ourselves and our planet remains within the illusion of physical existence. It is only what we create with love that is imprinted upon the fabric of eternity.

. . . we've only just scratched the surface here - there is so much more to these Teachings!

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