fredag 11. april 2014

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL 2014 - April 10, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as inspiration. This quality is one that uplifts individuals to a level of enthusiasm which enables them to creatively bring new levels of information, art forms, knowledge and methods that can make the world they live in a much better place than was experienced before. It is this quality that can lift the spirits of the people around them to a higher level in order that they might see and experience themselves as the divine essence they truly are. They begin to perceive the glory of their true self and the unlimited potential of their actions, words and deeds as they daily live their life. As they go about their earthly duties, their presence in the lives of others acts as a catalyst for positive changes to become activated within the hearts of others.

So many times, this quality when activated within the hearts of others, creates a movement that continuously feeds, nurtures and sustains the knowing that there are indeed, aspects within themselves that are connected with divinity. This knowing creates a perpetual desire to establish a stronger connection to all that is good and true within each person’s life. When this connection is firmly established within one’s consciousness, the person becomes a conduit for a flow of higher wisdom and knowledge to come through them. They receive guidance on issues in their everyday lives that steers them on paths that create only more goodness to come flowing into their experience. As this quality empowers each individual to reach for the stars and take their rightful place in the world and the universe, they tune into the higher levels of consciousness that then permeate all their activities.

When an individual is connected to a higher level of consciousness, they are able to function with greater positive and constructive ideas and thought patterns, ones which bring greater benefits to themselves and their loved ones and for the greater community in which they live. By their enthusiastic embracing of this quality called inspiration, they ignite the fires of this quality within others and this activity steers others in the direction of their own higher qualities, skills, talents and abilities. These individuals then use this quality to uplift and activate this quality within the individuals in their own sphere of influence and in this way, a great movement takes place in the world. As more individuals are affected by this quality emanated by those who embrace it with such enthusiasm, it becomes a blessing for the entire world.

The world that is changing constantly in its outer expression needs a greater amount of this quality embodied within more individuals, for it is a facet of nourishing and empowering love that can sustain a greater amount of light quotient being absorbed and assimilated within all beings. The greater amount of light that each individual carries, the greater amount of light that blesses the entire world, for all of humanity is connected to each other through their oneness with All That Is and that which affects one individual affects all in the greater field of consciousness. There is an innate responsibility that each individual carries within them to ensure that all that they put into this greater field of consciousness is only that which is for the highest good of all. Thus the world is truly blessed by each individual’s presence upon it.

As more individuals embrace this quality in their daily lives, and accept responsibility for its continued expression, and become the embodiment of their highest integrity in all things, it creates a more nobler and more enlightened society in which all beings are acknowledged and honoured for the important and unique contribution that they alone are bringing to the world by their very presence in it. All have an important part to play which is why they are here on Earth at this time. They and only they, can bring their unique qualities to benefit and bless the entirety of life in a way that only they can do it. There are no individuals living on this planet at this time who cannot add their contribution to the betterment of the whole of life. Focusing on what this contribution is brings an energy that is unstoppable in the upliftment of the planet into higher densities of expression and consciousness.

I leave you now knowing that I have ignited this quality within you. May the warmth of your love and light permeate this quality in all facets of your existence.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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