torsdag 17. april 2014


Nå kan det ikke være lenge før vi åpner døra og der står det langveisfarende!  Jeg tror fullt og fast at det drømmebesøket ("En mørk ung mann ...", Bloggen mars 2014) var et forvarsel om dette snart forestående besøket.

Horus snakker med Nancy Tate, Wake up Call,  der sier han at det vil skje massevis av landinger på jordoverflaten så snart alt er klarert.  Det er en bestemt grunn til at de kommer til Jorda, sier Horus, for da kan det ikke benektes lenger at det er liv i Verdensrommet.  

I am Horus and I am here once more to give you an update. There are going to be mass landings on the surface as soon as the clearance is final. We are in negotiation right now with many of the earth people who will be monitoring the landings before they come and during the process. They are set in place to guide the ones who will not only see their entry into the atmosphere, but their forward movement to the various places where they will land.

This is all coming to the people of earth for a particular reason, and that is so that they will no longer be able to deny that there is life in outer space, and that we are all united in one cause. That is for the betterment of all of life not only on earth but, throughout the universe. We are all family, as you know, and what does a family do when they are reunited? They rejoice, play, and have a joyful time together once more.

This will take place once other events have come into being. There will be a change in the governmental status around the globe. There will be the easement of the financial system, and the other societal systems will all come into alignment with humanity. We will have seen the beginnings of a whole new way of living on earth in the communities that will be shown to the public that are already in progress, some of which have been for some time. More and more you will all see the changes that are set in place and continuing to be.

I tell you this now because it is going to become more and more in the open what is going to be happening on the surface. Also you will see many instances in which we in Hollow and Inner Earth will come forth and work with you in this changing of the guard, so to speak. As the new communities come into being, we will work with you to bring about the changes that may be unfamiliar to you and yet familiar on another level. It isn’t that we will do for you what you feel you cannot do. It is that we will support all that you feel to do and are inspired to. It is a matter of your older brothers and sisters standing alongside you and lending a hand with joy and laughter to help make the process one of fun and tremendous change to a more sustainable way of living.

Some of you feel that this is something that you are going back to, and that it feels like it is too primitive. I tell you now that it isn’t the case. It will be more in tune with mother nature, while at the same time, without using the parts of her that are designed for the harmonic interaction for all life on earth. You will be using energy rather than physical things, such as trees, for housing, and oil for power. It will instead be energetic means by which you will be providing what you desire for your way of life. These means are already being opened up and activated within those of you who are here to bring the information of the technology that will provide you with the power you require.

If reference to my opening statement about the coming landings of the ships from outer space, there will be some beings from those ships who will also provide you with information for the advancement of what you will be doing to work in harmony on Mother Gaia. These ones who some of you will recognize, are from various planets in this universe that have been here at various times in the evolvement of this planet. They are bringing the reunion that some of you will remember, and some of you will welcome as a new episode in the book of life here on earth.

It will all be in sync with the present times. It will all speak of your family, which in your eyes and heart will have grown in a gigantic way. You will find in your hearts the tugging and caressing at the feelings of excitement and love that you have felt at other times of reunion. Some of you will find that there are dearly beloveds who have left their bodies in what you’ve seen to be the death process. Some of these ones will come to you and enable you to see what they meant when they may have told you that they will be back in another body. It will be a familiar one, but in another energetic way.

I will end this message for now, in order not to overwhelm you. Allow it to sink in and be a part of your comfort zone. There will be more I will share with you in the coming times. When that time arrives you will already be tuned in, to a point, to what I’ll share with you, as you are now with what I have brought to your new day. Enjoy the ride, for it is your choice and your doing with what is on your doorstep and in the throes of creation in this moment. This one, dear Nancy, will be sharing with you some news about what her beloved Bob and some other wonderful ones have been involved with recently, as well as in ancient times. It is being brought forward for the grand evolvement of it to harmonize with these glowing times. I, and all the rest of our family inside this earth join with you in these exciting, peaceful, creative times, and sing to the heavens our joy.

Thank you dear Horus,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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