tirsdag 8. april 2014

Wake up Call: Galactic Federation of Light, April 07, 14

We are here today to give you an overlook of what is taking place these days in this world of change. It is a mass configuration of changes that are taking place. With the onslaught of the financial boom there is a multitude of aspects that are in place that will all come into harmony with each other when the last piece falls into place. This cannot happen until the energy of each of the pieces is firmly in place and not attached to anything that is of the old school of thought in a way that can draw in the other ways of usage. With this assemblage of newness there will be a great many ways in which the new system may be challenged, but it will be in the hands of the people, and not in the hands of the few who have had power over the old way of the exchange policies.

As for the governmental system, do you remember what it was like in the old history books of how the governments were set up and in use for the people? What many of you may not know as of yet is that these were cover-ups for what was really in place. There was much manipulation that was going to be mastered all over the planet when the governmental agencies were set into place. There are many secret documents that will be released to the public when the time comes for the new governance to come forward. These documents will show the people how they have been coerced into believing that they are in power, for the way that their lives have been. There will be many answers that will come forth to the questions that these documents will instigate from the people as to what was really in place, and how all of the people could be so abused in the freedom that was promised and then gradually taken from them.

We are here to promise you that it will all come to the forefront when the circumstances permit the freedom for it to happen, unbiased and in the truth that will be unmistakably clear to all of the people. It will show you all that there is something that is coming that will be a declaration of the power that you all have, and the ability that you will exercise will be evidence of that. You will all see that there is more to this parade of untruths and manipulation than you have ever dreamed of and that is why there is the necessary amount of time and action taken now that will clear away all of the debris that is necessary for the complete clear picture that will show you what it is that is in store for you after all that has been hidden.

We are here as your galactic family to assist you in the new paradigm that will show you not only what has been kept hidden for all these eons, but to assist you to open up the images within your mind of what you agreed to when you came to this planet. You will also understand why you have undergone this transformation from the openness you were experiencing, on through the process of slipping into the depth of forgetfulness that you are now rising up from. You are very close to being able to see and live the truth of who you truly are. You will see the example that you here on this planet have agreed to through your presentation to the rest of this universe and also to all of the others that have been created in the essence of your evolvement.

We will step forward with you in the times of forward moving that you awaken to. As a team of like-minded beings we will move forward in a way that will not only benefit this universe but all of creation as well. There is much that we will be doing with you. We will be expressing in a way that is to most of you extraordinary and at the same time commonplace in a way of resolving the puzzle that has been created here on earth. We suggest to you that you take this one step at a time, as you are inspired to do. Enjoy your newfound freedom in every moment. Utilize these new energies that you are creating to see what it is that you have come to this planet to do. Realize how it has added to your experience of this creation in which you will find a new step to take from this moment into the next.

All of the issues that seem to be pressing in amoung you now will be an interesting viewpoint for you to look back on and realize the gifts that it has brought to you and all of existence. We of the Galactic Federation of Light do say in this moment that you are the caregivers of this universe and beyond. As you awaken to who you are and what you have brought to the wholeness of the Creator Source, you will then know what your next step will be alongside us, and all of Creation. Go in peace, Joy and Love from this moment into the next. We are with you all the way.

Thank you dear Galactic Federation of Light,

Much Love, Nancy Tate

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