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Nothing that exists can be less than God - April 19, 2014 by John Smallman

Easter Sunday is a very important day for many of you as you make an annual memorial celebration of my resurrection and of its confirmation that all of God’s children (and all are God’s children) have, and are entitled to eternal life. As I, and many others, keep reminding you, life never ends. Our Father created us to enjoy eternal life, and what He creates is, by its very nature, eternal. Since the moment of your creation you have lived constantly, without interruption, within the Oneness that He is. He is all that exists, and therefore there is nowhere else that you could reside. Just remind yourselves, when doubts or anxieties arise, “There is nowhere that is not God.” Your unawareness of God and of His infinite Love for you is illusory.

Today remind yourselves of this truth. And tomorrow, and tomorrow!

The fact that you are not experiencing God’s Love for you in every moment in your human lives is because you have chosen to experience separation from Him. You have free will, and so you can at any moment change your mind, change your choices and change your experiences. However, your choice to experience separation from your divine Source has been part of your belief system for eons and is consequently deeply ingrained within you. Many of you are at present going through a massive release of old emotional baggage that you no longer need or resonate with, and that release is bringing up for you doubts and anxieties of seemingly enormous intensity, and threatening your strongly held beliefs about you and God. “Is there really a God? Am I imagining Him because the thought of death, extermination, a void, nothingness, is more than I can bear?” It is very unsettling because so many of your ingrained beliefs are far less than totally loving – many believe in a God who judges, condemns, and punishes sinners in an eternal hell, but Who may accept those who repent, if they are adequately remorseful. Surely the void would be better than everlasting suffering in hell?

However, the truth is that you are forever loved by God, and there is nothing that you can ever to do to change that. Hell is of the illusion, unreal, but many experience it daily, making it seem utterly real. What you believe is what you experience. You have all met people who are permanently miserable, victims in an unjust world; but have you not all, or most of you, occasionally met someone who is full of the joy of life? Both inhabit the same world, they just choose to see it differently.

God is Love, God is changeless, and as you are part of God so are you. You have just temporarily forgotten who you are, forgotten your true divine nature, and, within the illusion, you are still playing with the idea of being separate from God, and therefore less than Him. But nothing that exists can be less than God because all is One with God. I discovered that when I walked the Earth all those centuries ago, and it is your destiny to make that same discovery.

You can delay that discovery by procrastinating in a state of painful self-judgment where you choose to believe that you are unworthy of God’s Love, and where you follow that up with a belief or a series of beliefs in which you choose to punish yourselves by continuously reminding yourselves that you are unworthy of His Love, and that you must remove yourselves from His sight until you improve or become worthy.

But He created you perfect, so how can you possibly improve on that? Your sense of unworthiness is illusory, part of the illusory environment in which you have immersed yourselves, and which you continue to “prove” is true and real by treating others unlovingly, and then observing the disastrous results of those unloving attitudes and behaviors. But beings of Love – YOU – are incapable of treating others unlovingly because you are One with God, your divine Source.

What you see and experience as pain, suffering, betrayal, distrust, abandonment, aloneness are all aspects of the illusion that you collectively built in order to play with the idea of separation from the Source, God, your eternally loving Father. His Will for you is that you be forever happy, joyful, at peace, content, and ecstatically rejoicing in the fact that you are eternally alive as essential and irreplaceable aspects of Him. When you awaken to Reality that will be your permanent experience.

One of the essential steps on the way to your awakening is to forgive. To forgive yourselves. Until you forgive yourselves it is extremely difficult to truly forgive others, even though your intent to do so is very strong. As long as you remain unforgiven you will continue to measure yourselves against others, comparing yourselves to them, and attempting to justify yourselves while you judge them. But you do not need to justify yourselves. God created you, so no further justification is necessary or possible.

When you honestly do forgive yourselves you will find it increasingly easy to forgive others, regardless of how evil or corrupt they may have originally appeared in your perception. Unforgiveness is the screen onto which the unreality of the illusion is projected. When you forgive you effectively turn off the projector and roll up the screen and the illusion is gone. So this Easter day engage fully with forgiveness and then relax and loosen up in the loving and unconditional acceptance with which it presents you. Remember that I lovingly forgave those who crucified me, knowing that they had no idea what they were doing or why, because that is the confusion of the illusion. Release it and be free, that is your inevitable destiny. God will not forgive you because He sees nothing to forgive! Embrace your perfection by forgiving yourselves, then wonder and delight in the peace that it brings you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

April 19, 2014 by John Smallman

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