tirsdag 29. april 2014


"Beloved students and emissaries of ascension, we are fully confident that you are ready for your mission. However, many of us have previously lowered our consciousness enough to participate in the world of humanity and have become lost in that process.

"Because your appearance is quite human, you will spend some of your time walking among the ascending ones. You will easily see their higher expression of whom they may appear completely unaware.

One of your primary challenges will be to allow each human to come into awareness within their own ascension schedule. Remember to live within the flow of unconditional love and send that love to everyone with whom you come into contact. Most important, remember that we, your Arcturian friend and guide, will ALWAYS be with you.

"You will be informed of the appropriate appearance for each area you visit, so that you can better create the illusion that you are 'one of them.' As you blend in with the crowd, you will hear their thoughts and be able to identify those who are open to meeting you. Remember, you will appear quite physical to the earth ones, but you can easily transport out of any situation that may become dangerous.

"At this pivotal, transmutational time, the escalation of Earth's energy field can create sudden, erratic behavior in some humans. This behavior will usually occur in those who have not expanded their consciousness enough to integrate the higher frequency of light. Therefore, you will primarily visit the 'Islands of Light' that are developing on Earth. 

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