mandag 14. april 2014

The Descension of Christ: absolute replenishment - The 5D Report by Lauren Gorgo

Fifth dimensional living, three dimensional world

It's official ... resurrection hurts. Like a MUTHA.

I have personally been tanked since the equinox, but now even those around me who are usually unaffected are suddenly toast. To those I say: "welcome my fellow humans...welcome to the searing ache of biological evolution and cellular mutation".

There are so many unfathomable changes taking place within our physical bodies right now, and while this has been going on for many years...we are now at a critical point of just surviving the discomfort. Every day can definitely feel (and maybe even look) like you were in a car wreck, but it's all good. In fact, you may want to consider avoiding all mirrors and cameras till June...crucifixion is NOT pretty.

I am getting a hunch that the intensity might wane a bit after the full moon/lunar eclipse, but I definitely don't trust it and I am certainly not banking on it. For now...we just need to keep our heads down, put one foot in front of the other, and remain in the eye of the storm until it passes and we are safely on the other side. And for christ's sake (literally) do not let your thinking brain tell you anything about what is happening to you. It knows nothing and will certainly try to convince you of all the worst case scenarios.

In the midst of all this building pressure..and the only reason I am out of bed to write this..I was recently called into a big meeting with the head ambassadors from each galactic council from every major star system across the Milky Way. I was asked to be a part of this 'conference call' so that I could share a poignant message with regards to upcoming events and to basically confirm that we are in the middle of something pretty extraordinary.

One of the first things I heard and was hopeful and is that we are coming into the time of absolute replenishment.

When we say replenishment we mean this literally in that the body is going to be replenished with life force, the vitality emitted from your own central sun...the radiance of which is illuminating your new human flesh-body.

Interestingly, the last time I heard the words "absolute replenishment" was back in July of 2013 right before the Star(gate) of David, Merkaba activation via those two grand sextiles.

As I understand it, our lightbody was activated at that time and we have been building our merkaba vehicle ever since. And now....thru May-ish...I am hearing that we are readying to bring it on home, as they say.

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