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Moving Out of the Linear Time Trap – Inelia

If you were taken by surprise, then walk with me. Ascension101 is my website and you will find here a place that is not about the end of the world, end of society, or end of sanity but instead a place of empowerment and inspiration... and a lot of sanity actually. None of the "this is it! Next month the [enter your social or global structure here] ends! Or [This is it! this -enter astrological date here - means ascension is here!]... unless it's a stunt to grab your attention :)

In fact, we can guarantee that our species will still be around, and functioning pretty much as it is today, only much saner, for at least another 5000 years. And if we are wrong, we will say we are very sorry and close the website down.

OK, seriously now, here is something that is really and truly happening, this very moment, even as you read these words.  The BS is ending!

BS is coming to an end. Many people, especially those who based their entire careers and fortunes on BS, are being exposed. Inhumane acts, acts of cruelty, unfairness, lies and lack of integrity, are being aired and exposed in public.

And yes, by BS I do mean "bullshit". Although I do like the politically correct interpretation of BS to mean "belief system".  It works either way.

Many awakened people are against the internet. And the internet is translated into all things technology, the computers we use, the wifi in our homes, streets and offices, the nasty stuff being done to manipulate the alternative media, the mainstream media and all the other media. I myself refuse to put cellphones against my head because it literally "burns my brain". Have you tried the cellphone popcorn experiment? I haven't but my head does feel like it's being nuked when my cellphone is against it.

But, I personally like technology. I like the internet. I like computers. When I was 4 years old, my mom asked me what I was going to work at when I grew up, I looked down that timeline, and told her that I would be clicking lots of letters on a flat surface, and that my words would appear magically in a flat picture frame in front of me with lots of colors and pictures.  She frowned and walked away shaking her head.  At the time I realized two things, one was that I would be writing, and the other was that my work environment had not been invented yet.

The internet has given us the opportunity for us to communicate. For me to write this article, and for you to read it.

It has also, with smartphones, brought us what is happening around the planet uncensored.  It is the main tool our species is using to wake up. The main tool for individuals to say "this is insane!! STOP IT" when they see a war, a child starving or abused, an animal treated with cruelty beyond words. It is the tool being used by citizens around the world to take back their power.

And more and more dramatic insanity comes to light, crazy stuff! At the same time, a switch clicks in our minds, our "knowing", and we just KNOW what is real and what is not. What we want in our lives, and what we don't. What we say yes to, and what we say no to.  We KNOW it. We might get triggered and fall into rage, or sadness, or hopelessness, but we KNOW that those things are just WRONG. They do NOT BELONG to our species or our nature.

Yet, they are being carried out by other humans. All insanity, all cruelty, all nastiness, is being carried out by other humans.

So, what gives?

No, we are not being manipulated by an external force (at least not unwillingly).  What is happening is what has been happening for the past hundreds of years and is accelerating.  We are becoming sane. We, those of us who are still reading these words, have CHOSEN to move away from a physical experience that is unconscious, painful, filled with fear and suffering. And we don't agree with others having that experience near us, or with our consent, or ON OUR PLANET.

We are moving away from pain, fear and suffering, and into empowerment, awareness and consciousness.

The entire social system is doing so. A quick look at history will show how much we have progressed. A few hundred years ago, we would have been stoned to death, or burned alive, for writing or reading these words, the words in this article. Now, these words are free to travel the world, go into millions of individuals homes, phones and screens and be read. And the power is with you to either close these words down or trash them - ending their journey-  or agree with these words, share them, like them and discuss them.

YOU decide from that place of KNOWING what is TRUE. Not me, not someone else. YOU are the person who is changing the world for the better.


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