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Tillate mirakler å komme og de kommer! - Miracles Will Come - By Geoffrey Hoppe - Posted on March 28, 2014

During my first year with Tobias, before I ever started channeling, he said to me, “Allow miracles and they will come. When they come, you will realize it’s not a miracle but rather your own creation.”
Many miracles have come since then.
Shortly after that Linda and I suddenly found ourselves living in beautiful Colorado after 15 years in Texas; we found a house in the mountains we loved by “accident”; the aviation company I had co-founded got an unexpected $10 million investment; just a few years later the Crimson Circle was created in our living room, which soon blossomed into an international spiritual organization. That produced another miracle, perhaps the one that has meant the most to me: I have been honored to meet some of the most amazing beings on Earth. They call themselves Shaumbra. You.
“Allow miracles and they will come,” said Tobias. It took me years to fully understand the second part of his statement: “You will realize it’s not a miracle but rather your own creation.”
Miracles don’t come as a result of prayer because Spirit doesn’t have an agenda. This is the Great Compassion of Spirit. No interference. No judgment. Just total acceptance, no matter what we do. When one prays I think they are really clarifying their own choices and desires, and adding their heartfelt passion. But generally the prayers are not fulfilled because people put the creation outside of themselves, placing responsibility into the hands of an external being.  I can almost see Spirit saying back to the one who is praying, “Don’t ask me to do your bidding! That’s why I gave you Existence, and the right to be a true Creator.”
Miracles don’t come as the result of luck or fate. Once again this is placing the creation in something outside of Self. I don’t believe there is any such thing as luck in the universe. That would be a really bad cosmic joke. No, I feel that the universe is filled with impartial energy just waiting to serve anyone and everyone. But many people go through life thinking that there is an outside “hand” directing their days, yet never really knowing who or what that outside force is, and rarely if ever acknowledging that it’s coming from within.
Some readers may point to experiences in their lives where an angelic being saved them from catastrophe, or when a God-bestowed miracle happened to them. I have no doubt that the experience was real; I can think of many examples in my own life when something magical or mystical happened in spite of myself. But now, years after Tobias said the words, “You will realize it’s not a miracle but rather your own creation,” I’m coming to realize how I created and allowed those transformational experiences. Indeed, I’ve had my own experiences with angelic intervention, but now I know the intervention was there because, at some level, I created and allowed it.
By the way, have you noticed how the word “Allowing” is becoming more and more a part of your everyday consciousness? I thought this was a relatively new term/concept introduced by Adamus, especially once we started doing the Quantum Allowing workshops. But the other day I was researching some old Tobias channels and realized he used it frequently, going back 10 – 14 years ago. I guess I didn’t hear it – or wasn’t ready to hear it – back then. Allowing has now become as important to me as conscious breathing. I’m not allowing anything specific such as abundance, health, or even a good parking space. I’m just allowing, without filters or barriers. What I am allowing is my Self, with all of my grace and glory that was hidden for so very long.
One of the recent miracles in my life is the new Crimson Circle Connection Center. This is the broadcast studio we are in the process of building out in Colorado. Over the past year the CC staff and advisors had talked about a place of our own for the monthly Shouds and for broadcasting other events like DreamWalks and special Adamus messages. But the cost of leasing the space, and remodeling and equipping the studio were beyond our budget… or so I thought.
At the February Shoud dear Adamus boldly announced that it was time for our own place. He invited Shaumbra to make a $44 contribution… or not. That evening at the post-Shoud dinner at the Wondervu Café several Shaumbra asked me how much money I thought would be raised for the new studio. I dared not answer. Even though I had a number in mind I knew this was a time to allow, not to limit.
After dinner I went home and checked the Crimson Circle database to see if anyone had responded to Adamus’ request. It was one of those “Moments of Truth.” Would Shaumbra step forth to participate? I took a deep breath before I clicked on the total, even though it had only been a few hours since the webcast. My mouth dropped open when I saw the preliminary total. In just 4 hours since the Shoud, Shaumbra had contributed over $30,000 dollars. I was stunned.
Over the course of the next 10 days the total climbed past $100,000. I tried not to think about it… just allowing. We intentionally did not promote the fund-raising other than a banner on the Home page. No emails, no reminders, no hype. Just allowing. I was prepared to see a “bell curve” effect where the contributions reach a peak and slow down, but they kept coming in. A miracle was unfolding. The total hit the $200,000 mark about five days before the March 1st Shoud, and by the time the webcast began over 4000 Shaumbra from around the world had contributed $226,000! Even after the cut-off Shaumbra continued to contribute. Today the total stands at $237,000.
The contributions from Shaumbra will pay for a world-class broadcast studio with the latest equipment and technology. It covers the cost of the build-out and equipment, plus about two years of lease payments.
This was not luck or fate, and it didn’t coming from holding prayer vigils. It didn’t even come from Adamus. It was the miracle of allowing.
“Allow miracles and they will come.” Thank you for the wise and beautiful advice, Tobias. You can bet that I will continue to allow more miracles in my life.

 April 2014 Shaumbra Magazine

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