mandag 21. april 2014

The New Template - April 2014 ~~ Part I - Golden Age Messages from the Masters through the founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School

As you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you, you become a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love can become the foundation of every soul within every community around the world. You are here to be a living demonstration of your embodied Presence so you can be an active part of creating the new template for your next Golden Age. Just as we were a part of seeding a new level of consciousness over 2000 years ago, we now invite you to put into motion a template that will support humanity living in Unity Consciousness during your present cycle so the Love and Light of the Creator can be consciously shared by all of life. Separation from God and from each other is truly a myth and Oneness with all life is your everlasting reality.

~ Jeshua and Mother Mary

When you fully accept that there is nothing in your past or in your future that is more important than being fully present in the moment, then the love, wisdom and power of your Presence becomes accessible and you can truly relax and be at peace within the core of your being. You have then returned home in a very palpable way because you will have merged with the timeless state of being that is natural to your Presence. For most of humanity, coming home to the Presence has been a long and arduous process because human beings so seldom accept that they are worthy of truly living in oneness with God, and they have been painfully slow in recognizing or accepting that God is within them and within all of life.

In order for the new template of being to become the natural foundation of consciousness within your world, as many of you as possible must be willing to release yourselves from the limiting directives of your ego. This opens the doors to whole new ways of living and loving and introduces totally unlimited possibilities for creating new paradigms on the personal, national and global levels of your shared consciousness.

The universe does not sustain or support a void for very long as it is filled with unending creative possibilities. You are the microcosm of the universe and you are also filled with these same unlimited possibilities which are now magnetizing you more powerfully than ever into your creative potential to be an active part of creating Golden Age ways of living personally, locally, nationally and globally.

As you continue to shift out of the limited confines of your ego’s self-perpetuating stories of failure and limitation, you will find that a whole new world joyously awaits your playing a vital role in establishing new ways of being that support humanity living as cooperative, non-competitive individuals within their homes, their businesses and their communities. These new ways of living then become the foundations for initiating supportive models that can be used to establish Unity Consciousness around the world.

When living as your Presence, you are free of the past and all of its limited paradigms and you are automatically released from the fears that can arise from projecting the past and all of its memories into your future. In the timeless domains in which your Presence abides, your satisfaction and your authentic service rise out of your willingness to be fully present in each unfolding moment. This does not mean sitting in idleness, yet rather points to your being fully available to all the potential of the creative energies that are pulsing throughout the universe. Every moment is your opportunity to direct those unlimited forces into whatever you have come to create within your next cycle of being. When you become aware of why you are here and of what you have come to create, you will gracefully move into the profound levels of satisfaction that are known to all living masters.

thru Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

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