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TIME TRAVEL 101 ... by Celia Fenn

Vi går fra Karbon til Diamant!

There seems to be one thing that everyone agrees on right now - everything is changing and very fast. The way that we used to perceive ourselves and our place in the world is changing very rapidly. Post the 2012 stargate, we have become a very different species. Our minds are often still in shock as we seek to integrate the huge changes that we can feel all around us. Sometimes it seems as though nothing has really changed, and yet we can feel the difference. I have felt this too in my spiritual work, we have shifted somewhere else and what we knew before just somehow is not "enough" for right now.   It was no surprise when in my channel work, the Archangel Michael energy started to focus on two relatively new and interrelated subjects : our relationship with Nature and the Earth and our relationship with Time and Space. Both new, calling for new perceptions and new ways of being. I am working with what I call 21st century Shamanism, which is a way of incorporating new perceptions about Nature and Humanity, but this piece is about our new perception of and relationship with Time. We are just beginning to perceive how our relationship with Time is changing as we change, and I have called this piece "Time Travel 101", as I believe we are just at the beginning of understanding what is possible as we work with Time.

Timeship Earth and the Nature of Time
The description of Earth as a "planet" (literal meaning "wanderer" in Space), seems somehow dated. Earth is a "Timeship", a structure designed to move through Space and create Time. We are the Time Travellers. We travel with and on the Earth and we create Time on the Earth both individually and collectively.  Yes....you read that correctly. Time is not something that happens to us. We are not caught up in an inevitable flow of something called time. Our work here is to create Time as Conscious Creators and Co Workers with the Divine Creative Intelligence.   We create time by originating and participating in Timelines or Time Spirals. As we originate or seed ideas/creations, we unleash electromagnetic energies that connect with and interact with the electromagnetic energies of Nature and of others as we form ideas and energy into matter and form. Using the Flower of Life Grid as the Matrix for Life, Light and Energy are attracted into the Blueprint provided by the Intention of the Timeline, and when the focus is held it then forms into Matter and Manifestation. And as this occurs, a Timeline is created and the "illusion" of moving through Time is also created.

Timelines, Time Spirals and Narratives
The way in which we work with Time is by creating and particpating in Timelines or Time Spirals. We call these "timelines" because in the old third-dimensional world we became accustomed to the idea that time moved in a straight line from beginning to end, with a start and and ending. It was finite and linear, and we perceived ourselves to be finite and linear as well when we looked at the world from that perspective. But, as we have awakened and begun to ascend our consciousness, we begin to perceive that we are infinite in nature and that we move through time in Spirals which are Circles of Light.   The pattern of seeding and opening through Spirals is prevalent in Nature and in the Cosmos...it is the way that we seed, unfurl, open and experience in life. It is the Master Pattern of Life.  So, as Conscious Creators of Reality, we have the power to access the Divine Creative Flame in and through our Heart and to initiate Creation of Timelines or Spirals.   This is a familiar process, and we do it through connecting with the Passion of our Hearts, initiating a "seed" or Dream, and then focussing energy into the Form of Manifestation of that Timeline/Spiral. We are all familiar with the process of Intention, Focus and Manifestation, but now we can also see it as Time Creation, for it is only in this way that we move through Time by creating Time itself.   That is why it is so powerful to be in the Place of the Heart and of "No Time", for there you connect with the Divine Light of Creation and are empowered to initiate Time Creation.

Once a Time Spiral is seeded, it then begins to unfurl, and as it does so it emits a particular electromagnetic frequency which becomes the signature frequency of Time Spiral. It then will attract or repel others depending on their frequency and their Time Spiral Creations. When a Time Spiral has a particularly strong frequency, it will immediately start attracting others to participate in the Time Spiral or Time line and to become part of the Story.  For this is simply how we develop and create Time and Time Spirals, through the creation of Stories or Narratives. The earliest Shamans were also storytellers who kept the "wisdom" of the people, speaking or origins and futures as they created their Time Spirals. They danced in the Dream Worlds and connecting with the Spirits of Nature to assist in the health and energy of the Time Spiral of the People.  More recently, the media and politicians have sought to dominate the "narratives" or stories of our being with ready made narratives that we are asked to consume. This is because if we do not create our own narratives, then we will be drawn into the Story or Narrative of another. Their energy will pull us into their Time Spiral and their Creation, at the expense of our own. This is why it is so important to be aware of how Time Spirals work and how we are empowered to be the creators and keepers of our own, and to participate in Group Creations of our Choice and Frequency.

The issue of Frequency is important, for each Timelines emits its signature frequency, and you can be pulled out of your own frequency or desired frequency if you allow yourself to be entangled in the frequency of someone whose narrative and frequency do not match your own or what you aspire to. Or, initially, you may be in frequency resonance and then the frequency may change as the Spiral develops and as more participants enter. At this point, you will have to choose whether to stay in the Time Spiral or Jump the Spiral to something else. Many people have found recently that quite suddenly they face the end of relationships or jobs because of this type of sudden loss of resonance as the Time Spirals lose connection and focus. In the past, when we were all more or less on the same frequency and Time Story, it was not so noticeable, but now as we become empowered and able to initiate and shift Time Spirals, we can immediately feel and see this phenomenon. Instead of being upset, we should possibly see this as a mark that our Time Creations skills are improving as we follow of Story and our Dream in the right direction, allowing nothing and no one to pull us from our own Time Spiral and Frequency.

Ascension, Time Travel and the New Multi-Dimensional Light Body  -  image by Alex Gray   The primary prerequisite for Time Travel and Time Spiral Creation is an active Light Body that can access Higher Dimensions of Light and integrate incoming Light Codes which are simply new templates for creation.  This is the whole significance of Ascension and the Activation of the Light Body. When you are working with a seven chakra Energy System centered in the Solar Plexus/Mental energy, you are only able to initiate and generate finite timelines that end in disaster. This is very clear in our world today when people are struggling desperately with the "old model mentallly generated timeline", which simply leads them into a future of disaster and generates a signature electromagnetic energy of Fear and Anxiety. And, even those of us who have left behind this way of being are sometimes affected by these energy signatures that are given off by the dominant third-dimensional Timelines of Earth.

When the Light Body is activated, the center of balance moves to the Heart and the Thirteen Chakra energy system includes access to the Higher Dimensions and the Cosmic and Galactic Spirals or Time Spirals. You have access to Cosmic Creation Codes and you are initiating Time Spirals from the Center of Compassion and Love. The Energy signature of such Time Spirals will be Love and Creation and a more graceful and infinite relationship with Time Creation. The activation of the Light Body will also enable you to shift and jump Time Spirals both individually and as a Group. This is an important skill as it enables "teams" of Light Warriors to enter Timelines and Time Spirals to raise their frequency and shift their direction to harmonize with the direction of Evolution of the Earth within the Galactic Community. Group Time Spiral jumps are authorized by the Galactic and Solar Councils in consultation with the Earth Keeper Council and the Council of Elders. We have just experienced such a Jump in the last few months, as teams of Light Warriors jumped Time Spirals in order to shift frequency.

Initially this is not easy. The Physical Body suffers a form of electromagnetic "shock" or distress, which some have termed "ascension symptoms". This is not about "clearing blocks" as such, it is about allowing your body to recalibrate to the new frequency so that you can accomplish your mission on this Time Spiral. When you enter into a different frequency, using your "Time/Frequency Recalibrator" in your Pineal Gland, your body takes quite a frequency hit, and unless you are grounded and strong you will experience physical distress. This can include dizzines, nausea, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, ungroundedness, loss of memory and feelings of being alienated and lost. When you are aware of what you are doing, you can "land" in your new Time Frequency and get your bearings pretty quickly.  At the moment, as we embark on Time Travel 101, we are only doing small Time Jumps in the region of Earth and initiating and jumping timeline within the Earth Timeship Frequencies. But, as we become more skilled and as our physical being becomes more accustomed to the shifts, we will become Cosmic Star Travellers and Shamans, learning how to jump the Frequencies to other realities beyond the Earth.

It is important to understand that when we Time Travel we use our Time Travel machine, which is our Pineal Gland in collaboration with the Soul Star Chakra and the Higher Chakras. We don't actually go anywhere, we change frequencies. What that means is that we exist in the Eternal NOW moment but we can access whichever frequency of reality that we choose, as we become more skilled. Most people think of Time Travel in third dimensional terms as moving to another place, when in reality it is a change of Frequency on a particular Time Spiral.  Frequency shifts, Time Jumps and other forms of Time Travel are only possible with the Ascended "equipment" that includes an active Pineal Gland connected to the PituitaryGland and that harmonizes into the Hormonal System to bring the body into alignment with the Frequency Signature of the Time Spirals. The Higher Chakras must also be aligned to create smooth jumps into higher frequencies and Time Spirals.   And, most importantly, you need to be aware enough to perceive when the Time Spiral has shifted and the Narrative has changed. And empowered enough to cope with the New Narrative as you unfurl and unfold your own narrative and Time Spirals within the greater Narrative and Time Spirals of Timeship Earth.   An accomplished Time Spiral Jumper, even at the level of Time Travel 101, will be able to move between Narrative and Time Spirals, doing what needs to be done, while still maintaining their own Balance and Equlilibrium. Remember, there is not just one "reality", each Time Spiral has another "version" of reality that co-exists withion the larger Frequencies of Earth Reality.

The New Earth : The New Time Spiral and the New Narrative of Multi-Dimensionality  -  image by Jean-Luc Bozzoli   At the 2012 Portal on the December Solstice, Timeship Earth passed through a "zero point" Timegate and embarked upon a new cycle of Frequency Evolution that was termed the "New Earth". In this New Earth space, we are coming to understand that the way we perceive our world has shifted from the limited third dimensional to the unlimited and infinite multi-dimensional reality. In this reality, as we become aware of the power and empowerment of our new multi-dimensional Body/Light Body Complex, we will realize more and more how we can shift reality and fine tune frequency by developing new narratives that will define our lives in new ways.   In order to do this, we have to be willing to release and let go of the old stories. This will include most of the belief systems that defined our lives before the 2012 portal and which were pushing us towards the "Timeline" ending in catastrophe and disaster. We have to be willing to release our need to define ourselves as "victims" and allowing ourselves to be manipulated by those who are adept at tuning in to the shadow energy by turning our focus to violence, fear and poverty. We may discover that some of the people we thought of as "lightworkers" may in fact be working with this frequency because they have been urged to see the world as a place of conflict over limited resources. The shift will be to embrace the idea and concept of the ability of empowered Conscious Creators to focus the Diamond Light of Galactic Power and create an alternative and higher frequency reality.

When we can accept that the Earth has multiple levels of reality and multiple Time Lines/Time Spirals, we can see that Reality is not a coherent and seamless story. It may appear that way because all our lives we have been socialized to see the "magical" nature of reality in mundane ways and to align our lives with the dominant third dimensional narratives. As children, we have no problem connecting with the magical and the incoherent, but as we mature we are "educated" into accepting and seeing only a predetermined coherence and "story" of our lives. When we drop the need for coherent Timelines and accept simply that the "Universe is unfolding as it should", we create the space for Miracles of synchronicity and for Time Jumps and Leaps into different dimensions.  Many people were disappointed in 2012 when there was no immediate manifestation of a New Earth with Paradise in a "ready made" state. But that Paradise World already exists on another level of Frequency because we have intended and created it in alignment with Divine Will. Our mission as Lightworkers is to bring the entire Earth into that frequency. The New Earth is not a reserve for an "elite" group of ascended beings, but rather a destination for the entire Earth and all who live on it. This is the work of the Light Warriors and the Indigo Crystal and Diamond Beings who are now incarnated, to jump the Timelines and raise the frequencies so that all of them can unfurl and ascend into the frequencies of Higher Consciousness, Love and Peace.

The Diamond Crystal Children who are coming to the Earth now in great numbers are already "wired" for the Diamond Consciousness and ready to become Timeline Jumpers and Time Travellers and Creators. They will have no difficluty in bending time and shaping reality simply by focussing and forming light and matter thorugh their multi-dimensional physical bodies. And because they hold this frequency, they are making it possible for us to move into this level of Being and Perception.   In the last few months, they have enabled this process on the Earth together with the Light Warrior Teams. In February, on the 2/2, the current Time Line of the Earth Collective was shifted 90 degrees so that the Earth in essence moved away from the straight line Timeline concept and onto a Spiral that would harmonize the Earth with the Galactic Time Spirals and head us towards the "destination" of the New Earth of Abundance and Peace. This shift caused immense pressure and turbulence in the Collective Consciousness, with many people reporting symptoms of physical and emotional distress. This was both from the radical shift in the Timeline and its frequency, and also from the body needing to accustom itself to the new direction. Shortly after that, there was a group Timeline Jump, where the Light Warriors did a collective jump onto a Time Spiral that needed to raise frequency in order to align with the new energies.

This collective Time Spiral Jump really was felt by many. The frequency of the destination Time Spiral was actually much lower than what had been achieved by each of the group individually, and so there was a fair amount of distress as Jumpers had to try to calibrate themselves within the new frequency. The feeling may have been of being pulled down or being attacked on the psychic level, or it may have been of feeling old emotions of anxiety and depression and fear that are so prevalent on this Time Spiral. Perhaps it is easier to understand that while it may look like life continued as normal because your internal holographic projector kept running the pictures of normalcy, you had in fact made a huge leap into another reality where you could FEEL the changes with the inner eyes or intuition, and where you were asked to draw the Light Sabre of the Warrior and venture forward in your Mission of Light!   If you are reading this, it is likely that you were either part of this Light/Time Warrior team or were supporting them in some way. There are many Light Workers who are not so concerned with Time Jumping, but more concerned with simply holding frequency where they are at this time. All are contributing to the recalibration of Frequency and Time on the Earth and the emergence of the New Earth reality through a series of "Time Gates" or "Time Portals".  The exciting thing about learning to be a Time Traveller and to make the Jumps, is that in due time you will be able to refine frequency so that you can make the jumps into Galactic and Cosmic Frequencies as Star Shamans and Dream Walkers. This is what awaits us as we learn to navigate the Time Spirals and create our own Time Spirals from the Heart of who we Are.

The Diamond Light Body and the Conscious Focus of Light into Time   The arrival on the Earth of the Diamond Light Children and our activation of the Diamond Light Body has allowed us to become individual "Time Ships" and "Time Travellers", or will when we learn the awareness and the skills.  Initially, it is to focus Light and Frequency through the refined Light Body and raise frequency and manifest Time Spirals that will form around us as we affect the environment around us through the Laws of Resonance.  Right now its a tough call. We are just starting out and we may feel a little wobbly, or a whole lot wobbly as we strive to focus the Light through our Consciousness and to be "the Light of the World".  But remember, our process of "Ascension" is to shift the Carbon based body into a Crystal Form...and this highest structure of crystalline energy of the carbon form is the Diamond. Each one of us can activate the Diamond Consciosuness and Master the Skills of Time Travel as we journey the Time Spirals!

The Diamond Codes : Information and Activations with Archangel Michael
If you would like to know more about the shift into the Dimond Light Body and how to release past fear and trauma, I would invite you to consider the book "The Diamond Codes : Light Information for the New Reality".  This book will guide you through the process of Diamond Code Activation.

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