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Beyond My Wildest Dreams - By Summer Bacon

It was 1989 before I had an actual conversation with Dr. Peebles, though I'd first heard him speak through Thomas Jacobson on the Dr. David Viscott radio show several years earlier, and was then deeply moved and comforted by hearing Dr. Peebles speak on Thomas' own show on KFOX radio. I signed up for a session, not realizing that I would soon discover that my life would be even more profoundly impacted by Thomas himself.

Thomas and his three dogs met me at the door of his Santa Monica home. He was a large man with kind eyes and an adorable boyish grin. For some reason I had expected a short, lithe man with a beard. I thought he would be wearing Birkenstocks. He was clean-shaven, and wore tennis shoes. I expected the smell of tofu and garlic to permeate the house, lightly covered by the scent of sandalwood incense. There was none of this. Thomas turned off his country music and pointed the way to a small room, saying with a knowing giggle, "You ready for this?"

There were two folding chairs set up and facing each other in the tiny office. Thomas sat down on one and gestured to the other. I sat down on the edge of the seat. He didn't fill me in much on what was going to occur. "Ready?" he asked with a grin. I nodded. He closed his eyes and he softly spoke, "I call upon the Spirit of Light and Love, opening myself to receiving Light, Inspiration and Tru..." his head dropped back, and it seemed like for a couple minutes he did not breathe at all. I perched on the edge of my seat, elbows on my knees, and I watched his face intently. I was seriously concerned because, well, he looked...well...dead. After a considerable amount of time his body finally jerked forward, as if he'd been punched in the stomach. There was a huge groan, and the loud piercing voice of Dr. Peebles came through.

"G-aw-aw-d bless you, Dr. Peebles here! It is a joy and blessing when man and spirit join together in search of the greater truths and awareness!"

Without further ado, and as if he had read my thoughts and diaries, Dr. Peebles proceeded to tell me how I would be doing spiritual work that would be touching lives internationally. He spoke of visions exactly like those that I'd had since I was a very little girl. I could not fathom how this would ever come to fruition, but in my heart, even as young as five years old, I knew that these things would one day come true. Now, here was Dr. Peebles speaking my truth, taking that which I knew in my gut and my heart, and putting words to my visions in an oh so eloquent way. It was more than my heart could take, and the tears welled up and poured from eyes. He continued to speak over my audible sobbing, ending his commentary with, "And, would you understand? And, would you have questions or comments?"

I couldn't speak at all. Through my heaving sobs I finally squeaked, "I'm sorry, Dr. Peebles," to which he responded, "God bless you, indeed, my dear. It's okay. Your tears show that you care!" His kind words and acknowledgement only prompted even more tears.

Thomas' vulnerability in essentially dropping dead on my behalf made a lasting impression on my life.

And then, there was his class, "Journey to the Heart," which was all about channeling life itself. Thomas was a profound and empowering teacher. I watched as each classmate went through an incredible transformation and became their authentic self, no longer afraid of touching and being touched by the world. I, myself, went from being a shy, reclusive young girl, trying to "fit" the world, to discovering that I "fit" just the way I was...and that meant learning to fully embrace my mystical self.

During an exercise called That's True, Too, which I have subsequently used in teaching some of my own classes, Thomas had us write down reasons why anything and everything is true. "Write down five reasons why you would like for it to be winter all of the time," he would say. And then he said, "Write down five reasons why you will become the greatest channel to walk the earth."
Dear Undecided Workshop Attendee,

I have heard comments wherein some people may be hesitant to attend Summer Bacon's workshop in Sedona, Arizona, May 17 and 18th, because of concerns regarding the anticipated and imagined degree of intensity within that workshop from her guest co-host-as in, yours truly. :)

Please Accept This Note of Clarification
This workshop is going to be fun, fascinating, and, at times, laugh-out-loud funny-and not at anyone's expense. Every single person is going to be treated with complete and genuine respect.

Simply put, we all are going to have one heck of a good time, a grand time. It is my hope that when we come to the end of the workshop you'll find yourself wishing that it would just keep going on and on and on.

Yes, there are serious and important issues. But the way that I am going to present them, and engage you, is with gentleness and love. There's no tough guy here.

Yes, in service to you, I will be as clear as a bell-to the degree that I am able.

Together, we are going to review, reevaluate, and fully recalibrate how we engage life and how we are engaged by life. Together, we are going to take some giant steps to understanding-in detail-when, where, why, and how we create our life experience day-to-day and moment-to-moment.

With Grace and Dignity
Together, we are going to lift our experience of life with teachings and techniques that inspire us to arise from bed each and every day with desire rekindled and hope recovered. Together, we will explore specific tools to engage life from within our heart and soul-to do so in a natural way with grace and dignity for both our Self and for our environment.

I want you to come to this workshop. I want you to attend. For you. For your spirit. For the living and loving of life straight from your own shining soul.

This is what I care about.

My life turned around 180 degrees because of the presence and teachings of spirit; but also as a result of the techniques that I developed from my work as a medium seeking to deepen my experience, my depth of mediumship in service to both spirit and to my fellow seekers within the human drama.

...then I learned how to deepen my personal experience of life and living, and the loving of it.

I am forever thankful to spirit. I am forever grateful for the lessons learned in the deepening of my relationship with the spirit discarnate, then the spirit incarnate.

Regardless of whether you are a newbie and just getting started, or a grizzled veteran of the spiritual development pathways who would like some hands-on help in the heavy lifting at this moment in your life, this workshop is a giant step forward to the living of a celebration of life.

By The Way
This workshop is also going to be a networking weekend; new relationships-personal and professional, new opportunities, new depth within existing relationships. Folks, we're going to stay in touch with each other.

And this is just the beginning.

May I say, there's no time like the present? Will you join us? People in the Workshop will benefit from your presence, your participation.

Reserve your seat today. It is a wonderful gift to you and yours.

Remember, what you're going to learn here not only affects your life directly but, indirectly, the lives of people within your life.

Very truly yours,

Thomas Jacobson
"I can't think of one reason," I retorted, horrified by the thought that I would ever be able to match the mystical mastery of Thomas. That was waaaay too vulnerable for Summer Bacon.

Thomas lovingly glared at me, "Summer, I want you to write down ten reasons."

And yet another great teaching of his: we were not allowed to say "One" as a substitute for "I" in a sentence, such as in, "When one thinks about it, we are all just seeking love." We were stopped and told to say "I" instead, i.e., "When I think about it, we are all just seeking love." This necessarily changed the energy of our thought, and forced our ownership of it.

Which brings me to the reason for writing this article.

Those of you who know and love Dr. Peebles as I do, will understand when I mention  how often we manage to quote him in our discussions about life, prefacing our statements with, "You know, Dr. Peebles says..."

However, Dr. Peebles has often said, "If you believe our words, embrace them as your own, and share them from your own heart. We have no need to be given credit for them."

Now, many years later, after taking this trip down memory lane, remembering Thomas' teachings, and my growth as a result, I truly understand why Dr. Peebles has said this. We do not need to justify the truth of a statement or a belief by citing its source. If it is true for us, then it is true. If someone else does not embrace it, that is their truth.

Then, no longer is life about having to fit the world, or making the world fit, but it becomes more of a dance with many partners, some with whom you are in sync, and some with whom you are stepping on each other's toes. It's no longer about right or wrong, it's just an experience. Suddenly, there is freedom that comes from living authentically, speaking our truth, no longer hiding ourselves from the world, nor having to justify ourselves. Suddenly, life becomes a dance of wonder, rather than a dance of adversity. Suddenly, life becomes a celebration!

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