søndag 1. desember 2013

Focus your attention on the Reality of God’s Love for you - December 1, 2013 by John Smallman

"We love you and always will because we are all One, loving each other eternally as our dear Father does, as He Wills us to do likewise.  He is the Source from which all flows in one infinite and eternal stream of Love.  He is beyond comprehension and yet we know that His Love embraces us in every moment, and that nothing else is possible.  That is what we experience and know in every moment, eternally, constantly, because that is all that there is.  Love is all that exists, and in It everything has its place, every iota of consciousness, all life, there is no outside or beyond, all is here within the Oneness and perfect harmony that is the Source, which inevitably and unavoidably includes all that is created.

The illusory environment that was built to experience separation from the Source is illusory, but because those who built it wanted it to appear very real it does, frequently very painfully so.  Outside the illusion there is no pain, no suffering, no anxiety, no worry, no fear, no anger, because those are all aspects of the illusion, aspects of unreality.  It seems vast to you, universe upon universe, but in truth it is nothing, and when you awaken, as you cannot avoid doing, that will become immediately fully apparent.  You have just been playing games, having unreal experiences to demonstrate what separation might be like if it was possible for it to occur, but of course it could not.

The vast majority of you have had more than enough of game playing and will only to awaken, and the human collective has endorsed and joined with that intent. Without your will and intent to maintain it the illusion will disintegrate, dissolve, disappear, and be gone.  It was only a very temporary illustration or representation of what might occur if separation was possible and could be experienced.  A momentary idea that could not be supported because it was utterly beyond the bounds of possibility.  God is Love, as you very well know, and anything not in alignment with Love is impossible.  The idea of non-alignment or opposition to Love cannot be extended, enlarged on, or developed in any way because such a state is impossible.  Love is . . . end of story!

Focus your attention on the Reality of God’s Love for you, and release your grasp or focus on the illusion and all the pain and suffering that it appears so effectively to produce.  Your bodies are part of, an aspect of the illusion, an essential part of experiencing separation.  The more you can realize this and choose to focus on Love, on Reality, by entering more fully and more frequently into your inner space of peace and tranquility the less suffering they will bring to your awareness, to your attention, and attempt to make a part of you.  You will observe suffering, conflict, sadness because others are choosing to experience it, and you will be able to offer compassion, comfort, and support without getting drawn into the pain and thereby making it seem real.  You have the power to dissolve the illusion and that is what you are in the process of doing, so keep holding that intent, and keep reminding yourselves that it is your intent when you find yourselves being drawn back into unreality.

Reality is your eternal Home, the Home that you never left, and it is time for you to awaken from your unhappy dream of unreality, pain, conflict, and suffering and once more enjoy Reality.  You intend to awaken, you have always held that intent, but you have as it were “put it on the long finger,” in the “no rush tray.”  Now is the time to attend to it, to focus your attention there until completion occurs.

As you are constantly being advised by those in the spiritual realms you have unlimited assistance in this, but you do have to constantly reaffirm the intention because the environment that the illusion supports enticingly encourages forgetfulness of all that is spiritual, Real.  The distraction of everyday life as a human can be all consuming if you allow it, so focus on disengaging from the constant train of worrying, anxiety making, or disturbing thoughts that fill your mind to the exclusion of what truly matters.  Has your worrying solved any problems?  Has it brought world peace, abundance for all, an end to corruption?  The list of your worries is endless, and focusing on them, as you well know, achieves nothing.  But focusing on them does close your mind to Love because they are not in alignment with It.

Most of you have had experiences when something beautiful caught and held your attention causing all worldly distractions to fall away, and you experienced a few moments of intense stillness, peace, even Love.  An experience such as that is an approach to Reality.  Smell the roses, even if the house is burning down!

It is essential to go within and sit with your spiritual guides and mentors daily, quietly listening with the distractions of your restless minds subtly quietened if not fully stilled.  A sense of peace will come over you – probably not total, but a vast improvement from the non-stop constant mind-chatter that so many of you experience – and you will find yourselves able to discard a lot of the noisy distractions that normally fill your mind.  It will enable you to see more clearly that just being alive is an incredible gift because you become conscious, conscious that the worries and anxieties so often filling your minds are distractions from the Love that always envelops you.  You will feel that Love, even if only momentarily, and it will uplift, strengthen, and inspire you as you continue your divine task of holding the intent for humanity to awaken, and you will make it happen!  You cannot fail because in this your will is perfectly in alignment with God’s."

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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