lørdag 7. desember 2013

Pamela channels Jeshua

"Dear friends, I am Jeshua, an old friend who loves to share this afternoon with you, simply being together in the energy of love and unity. This is something you desire so much, because quite often you feel adrift and lost in life on Earth. I am here to remind you of the truth that lives within you, in your soul. It is not observable with the naked eye, and you often lose touch with that truth when you are busy and involved in your many activities, duties and responsibilities.

Please take a moment to become still and let all those external pressures fall away. Sense the silence deep within you. The silence in your heart is not a void, but a full presence that can only be sensed if you take a step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. We are here today to take that step back in order for you to remember who you are, and to revitalize yourself with the fullness of silence in your heart. This enables you to begin to live again, but now with more ease and joy.

Life seems to be a battle at times, but that is not how it is meant to be. You are here essentially to experience yourself, to remember your strength and your beauty as radiant angels of light, and to share that light with others. By doing that you will feel at home on Earth. Life will become simple again, easy and joyful.

So go within, together with me, and remember the source from which you came: the imperishable, eternal Light that is ever moving and changing, taking new forms, and still always undivided and One. You are part of that stream, and in fact, nothing can happen to you. You are safe and whole even now, dwelling in your earthly body. You are safe even in this world, which seems to be dominated by struggle and conflict.

Today we talk about Light and darkness, and about bringing Light into darkness. And what is darkness? It is something that evokes resistance in you as a human being. No one wants to experience darkness; no one wants to suffer pain, sadness, or fear. Yet it is part of our life. So why is that darkness there?

People have asked this question for centuries. Now, to start with, much depends on how you ask the question. Do you ask the question from an attitude of openness: "Why is there darkness, why is this happening to me, what should I do with it?" Or do you pose the question from fear, anger, and resistance: "Why on earth is that darkness present in my life, and how can I beat or avoid it?” Feel the despair and the resistance the latter question expresses, and recognize those emotions within yourself, because it such a human reaction to resist what feels dark, unwholesome, or difficult.

The deepest challenge to you as a human being is to say "yes" to situations that you initially refuse to accept; to say "yes" to what you want to avoid at all costs. It requires great inner strength to say "yes" to what comes in your life in the form of darkness. If you can not find that strength, which is understandable, and you say "no,” you harden in opposition to that which happens, and the darkness becomes deeper and the despair increases.

There are actually two kinds of darkness in life. The first darkness is something external that happens to you on your path in life. It can be a divorce from someone you love, the loss of a loved one, a disease or an accident, anything that deeply distresses you: a crisis, a major setback. I will call this darkness one."    forts.

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