søndag 1. desember 2013

1 December 2013 - White Tara on ISON and light activation - Channeler: Jose Sanchez

"My Beloved brother in light my deepest gratitude to you and all the work you have been doing. I feel so much love for you and a joy so great when I see how you realized the deep connection we share. Yes you hold a remembrance of our times together, times of play and times of growth and times of much work.
Bless you for keeping yourself going forward even in this times of great challenges for you. I know, we know it hasn't been easy and we rejoice in your understanding on how to deal with your shadow self. You realize the only action needed is to accept and love that side of you because after all it is still you and what you are doing now is refining your self and refining your subtle bodies and removing all unnecessary junk within it.

Now I had not fully approached to communicate with you before today although you know I have been with you always but you needed the space to clear and heal yourself of so much old programing from your childhood and we are proud of the great progress you have made.

One of the things I have been wanting to clear is the fact that many people specially those wanting to instill fear in humanity have been misleading with their lies. NASA claims ISON did not make its journey around the Sun, What ISON did was what it has been intended to do which I will mention in a few moments.

Also know Mother Earth will not be hit by ISON by having a violent impact on her but it will surely bathe her and all her inhabitants with many blessings and awakenings and many activations of new light.

As ISON traveled through time and space awakening the light codes and releasing the nodes of liberation to awaken and give way to the shift within your own self. ISON has now gathered from your Sun the keys to speed the awakening within the human. This awakening leads to a greater understanding in the unity within the self.

There is no separation only the illusion of being separate.

Once you release the old way of being which can be difficult according to the level of resistance you present, developing mastery of ones microcosm becomes an easy task.

The key is in realizing the old saying as above so below, and to understand that we are all a reflection and a mold that holds the great creator's shape and absence of.

therefore we are one and the same for we carry Creators blueprint of unity within each and every single cell and strand of DNA.
The three days after ISON's approach to the sun have the same effects resurrection had on your beloved Jesus Christ.
Consider this an awakening and a resurrection to your Christed selves my beloved family of light.

The days ahead are days of integration and much grounding will be needed. Be kind to yourselves as you awaken to your true potential. As this happens much releasing will take place and compassion to your own self is a crucial necessity at this time. Feel love and compassion for yourself and your love and compassion for Mother Earth and for humanity will increase.

You all have a sense of what's really taking place and are quite busy in the inner planes preparing the way for your grand entrance into your new reality.

I will leave you with a light activation through a code imbedded in the vibrational /light language and also the name/phrase to be used with previous meditation I shared a symbol related to starship ISON.

The light/ vibration symbols here are to be used whenever one is in need of activations to clear your mind and to help awaken your higher hearts ability to receive and to give more light and love. Use it any manner as long as it is intended for the highest good. You can take the symbols and send to Mother Earth's heart in order for her to decide which way is best for her to use such energy.

My love always dear family and welcome home."

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