torsdag 19. desember 2013

St Germain - December 05, 2013

"I Am St Germain, and I Am here today to let you know of your advancement in your preparations for ascension. You are supporting all of us in your co-operation with the changes that are upon you. You have overcome so many obstacles and are rising above so much of the negative energy as it rises out of the environment that has been supporting it for so long. When the light expands within Gaia it pushes out the old darkness and gives it its freedom to express the old, and to make way for the new. As this expression involves itself with the life on the surface it carries with it many tripping energies that are designed to give you all difficulties that you can choose to recognize as old stuff and let it go on beyond your present day. In doing this you are giving freedom to the old way of being and allowing the new way to spring forth in expression from you and from all of life on and within earth.

This is the power you have. This is the result of the efforts you have engaged in with your inner knowing guiding you in every step. You wonder, with these words, why it hasn’t been a time to ignore the old negativity. It is a matter of seeing it for what it is, then thanking it for what it brought you, and then releasing it to be transformed into the bright new beingness that it is destined for.

Yes, all of life and all of the energy that is ingrained within all of existence is destined for the return to the completeness of Love. It is a matter of seeing it as it flows forth, and allowing it to find and claim the freedom that it cherishes. It has been quite a journey, wouldn’t you say? It is coming to a head in so many instances of earth life, and it is so in love with the journey, for it is so close to being at the atoll of release into the free and loving peaceful joy that is at the doorstep to forever.

What do I do, you wonder at times, when it seems that there is so much turmoil? I tell you this, there is so much you have already done for the enlargement of the universe. You have added to the beauty and the wonder that is employed in your everyday life. Now you are seeing the results as you awaken each day to the brightness and the distinctly more enriching circumstances in your life. As you step forth out your door and look at the sky, seeing our ships cloaked in clouds you see what you have assisted in being with you. As you gaze at the night sky and see the colors and beams of light radiating forth from our ships you see the wondrous beauty that you have been a part of creating. As you walk in the deserts and forests, beside the rivers and up the mountains and you see the clarity that has not been there before, you see the evidence of your part in our being able to walk with you in the cleansing of all of the earth and the inner love of Gaia.

So, my dear family, go on in your journey through the love and trust that you have set in place and know that as we continue to work with you it is all falling into place for the ascension to be upon us all at the pace that is being designed in every moment. We are so grateful for your part in all of this, for you have toiled long and arduously through this whole duality experience. Now we are beyond the boundaries that were set in place. It is a matter of seeing this in so many ways that are surrounding you now. We are ready for the jubilation that is just around the corner and down the glen, to the place of eternal celebration of all of existence. Bring it on in laughter, glee and eternal joy in Love."

Thank you dear St. Germain,
Love, Nancy Tate

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