tirsdag 10. desember 2013

The Sinking of Lemuria

"You needn't wait for the FEEL of our message, as it lives within your heart, and distant memory. Remembering is not an action; it is a stillness of body, mind and spirit. Also, our beloved Lemurian one, in order to remember our inner world, you must go through the memory of the destruction of our topside continent. This memory is not one to which any of us wish to return. However, through the darkness is the light.

Please allow us to hold your "hand" while you move through that memory HERE within our NOW. We will communicate this event as if we are "just telling a story." It is through calling your memory of this story that your unconscious can release its vigilance of protecting you from the feeling associated with this story.  It is important to face these feeling NOW as your reality is in the process of huge change.

Just because Lemuria and Atlantis ended in disaster does not mean that your society will need to end in this manner. You have had myriad lifetimes to expand your consciousness and the energy fields that embrace Gaia are much stronger and more protective than the energy fields around Earth during that era.

"Our leaders of ancient Lemuria saw the possible reality of our total destruction and tried vigilantly to avoid it. However, our cycle had ended, and we needed to enter Inner Earth to find safety.

The leader then turned to guide us into the city but suddenly disappeared. In fact, our entire vision of the city, as well as our other Lemurian friends, was gone. We were standing alone in a very dark cave within the core of some version of Earth. Worse yet, the memory of how we came to this cave, and even of our own identity, began to blink in and out of our perception.

Allow the vague image of your physical self to morph into the images of a tall man and woman who wore what looked like ancient Grecian tunics. The tunics were the same for both the male and female and were made of a cloth that looked like spun light. The female's tunic flowed down to her ankles, whereas the male's tunic stopped just above his knees. Both tunics were fastened at their left shoulder with a golden clasp."    forts.

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