mandag 23. desember 2013

"I, St. Germain greet you on this day!"

"I, St. Germain greet you on this day! As we go through these coming times, and we spend the next few days in the celebration of the Holidays, we do so with the full knowledge that all of life is a Holiday. All of life gives us the ability and opportunity to make every moment a celebration of that which is Holy and in keeping with the Creator in all of us. As we see the proof of that come into our lives and our manifestation of that which we intend, we are in the shoes of the Creator and the Arms of the Source. It is a mission that has long been in effect, and as we drift into the coming events of the ascension of all of us, we see what it means to come back to who we are. We decorate our lives with the beauty that represents each leaf and needle of the tree of life, and the wonder of the power that the roots have in the Creation of all that is with us from the trunk and branches of that which is in place for all of us. I join you in the celebration of the day and I see the beauty in all of You."

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

from Nancy, Bob, Mike & Ulla

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