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Planet Alert December 2013 - By Admin on behalf of Mahala, on November 25th, 2013 - Happy Thanksgiving and Hanukkah

"I would like to wish everyone in the United States a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful day of celebration. Hanukkah also starts the same day as Thanksgiving. Hanukkah is a Jewish celebration that is also called the Festival of Lights, or the Feast of Dedication. It is an eight day celebration commemorating the rededication of the Holy Temple (the second Temple) in Jerusalem. For those who celebrate this festival, may you manifest a wonderful holiday!

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year when people in the United States stop to give thanks for their blessings. Maybe it is time to start a new movement and give blessings every day. Maybe we could create an Attitude of Gratitude. Instead of complaining and being critical of people and things, let’s turn that energy around to one of gratitude. That might just change your life. 

We used to sing a song at our church called: I Love myself the way I am. It goes like this-I love myself the way I am. There is nothing I need to change. I’m beautiful, I’m wonderful, I’m the best me I can be. That is just part of the words and the rest are also very beautiful.  Most of us never give ourselves enough credit for the beautiful Beings we have evolved into. If each one of us would just praise ourselves, be grateful for everything and manifest love, what a wonderful world we would create.

Our group is having a celebration on December 8, 2013 and I would like to invite you to attend it if you live in the Pacific Northwest. It is called The Convening of Light, and will be a joyful celebration to create a new paradigm on Earth. Our goal is to manifest Heaven on Mother Earth.  (H.O.M.E.)   Please check out:  www.theconveningoflight.wordpress.com

We also have the great comet Ison at the closest point to our sun on November 28th. There has been a lot of controversy over what this comet is, or is not. At least 20 years ago I read an article in the regular news, about an object called Nemesis that the Astronomers had discovered and it was heading for Earth. The expected arrival time was to be the year 2012. A couple of weeks later I read another article saying they had recalculated the orbit and it would be here later. It is here now." forts.

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