søndag 22. desember 2013

Solstice 2013 ~ ST. GERMAIN - by Meline Lafont

As one race and as a collective, you shall raise your frequency upon the Earthly level of your existence. Earth shall not be the same anymore after this turning point of the solstice as this one represents the execution of the former turning point in 2012.

See and notice the changes within you and not outside of you. Think of what you all have experienced in 2012 around the solstice, all were looking for it in the outer world and none of that has happened the way it was expected due to expectations. Let those expectations and the need for confirmations and for proof now reside where they belong and go within this time.

Connect with your essence and with your Divinity in the heart and breathe your own I AM Presence in, take it in through the heart and allow it to connect with you on this inner plane; in your own reality and in your Universe.

Breathe this connection out through the roots of your grounding connection with beloved Gaia, as you connect your true consciousness with Her beautiful Heart. As a result you will be one with Her and shift along with Her plane and Her Being.

Breathe, loosen up and relax! Take in the cosmic energies of the portal through acceptance and allowance of your Self, through meditation and grounding, through walks in nature and through sitting in silence with your Self.

Enjoy your being fully and sit with your Self in a silent sacred place. See the You that you are in all radiance, reflected in your heart. You are a beautiful being of Light and so it is! Take yourself in, you are your own portal and it is being opened by you, it is being amplified by you with the assistance of the incoming energies. Do not wait for anything to happen or to be done for you as you will be dissapointed. You are waiting for you! YOU are what is coming, so do not wait but BE. Be you, DO you, allow you and the portal shall be open for you to shift.

My Love for you and my acceptance of you are here always, and they are yours to have. My shift and my energy are within you as I contribute in the process of each and everyone of you. My Flame is yours to use and to invoke, do so and all of you shall be enflamed with the purity and power of you.

The violet Flame transmutes all within and without and it shall lift you up in the Divine purity that you are as it resonates only with that and thus it shall bring you only that.

Accept, allow, embrace and BE you  -  by Meline Lafont  I AM that I AM
Saint Germain

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