søndag 1. desember 2013

Archangel Raphael Message for December - 1 December 2013 - Channeler: Gulcin Onel (Mavinin Sesi)

"Since the last December, you've been through healing and progression non stop. In order to see the bigger picture, you lift up. Truly you do experience tensions and conflicts, but all of them are the vibrations of an alteration process. You don't want to be silent anymore, you don't want to ignore.You want to be in the middle of everything. You are trying to create an atmosphere where every potential is being used. The reawakening we mentioned before corresponds to exactly these. There is no more increasing darkness, there is your increasingly growing voice. Therefore every little detail come out from darkness, as well as your souls, to be lightened. All the unreachable or untouched aspect of your soul blossoms. 

In every blossom, you question whether your space is enough, you question the otherness, yet your space of love widens. There'll be an abundance of blossoming in your way. In this month, you'll see that your prayers are being heard, and all the seeds you imagined flourishes. No worries, only faith exists. Accordingly the most important thing is your balance. Try to keep the balance, being in every dimension, in the sky, corresponds to that my dears. If you feel during the day that you missed your center, stop and focus on the moment. With serenity, exist in the moment and balance yourself. The wind of december may challenge you and your balance, but be aware of your strength. Let your focus be on the creations you aim to actualise. Let your creativity flow into what you desire and let it happen. We support you."

With love and light
Archangel Raphael

When I asked if you want to say something specific on this week;

Remember that you are surrounded by abundance. You are encircled by a smile, a gratefulness, a sincere embrace, and infinite fertility. Remember that, and be thankful to everyone and everything. Look from the perspective of a child and see the glaring variety around you. Be the magician of your life this week, and create the things you want to actualise with a little magic.

With love and light
Archangel Michael

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