fredag 20. desember 2013

Wake up Call: Horus, Dec 19, 13

I, Horus, am here dear ones to speak to you of the upcoming event that so many are hearing and reading about. I am here to tell you about the part we in Hollow and Inner Earth have in the coming event. It is a matter of us being at the root of what is taking place on the planet and within it. As we go about our parts in it we also are working with those of you on the surface who made this promise when you first came to this lifetime. Not only was it a promise to all of mankind, but especially to your own beingness, and to the Creator as well. It was one brought about in seeing what it could bring to the ascension of earth and all of life on it and within.

I sit in place in the Porthalogus library in this moment and sort through what has already been place here in the energy of what it takes to put all of the pieces together for the event. It is a matter of seeing all of the parts that are set in place and then sifted around as decisions are made and changes take place in the everyday life of humanity. It also relates to what is taking place with ISON and with all of the other heavenly bodies that are in place now and are affecting the overall scope of what is taking place and root in the causal effects of all that is coming.

You will see that in the coming times on earth things will speed up, as the energy of the people rises. Also as they intercept that which they see as not only what they desire, but also what will serve all of humanity in a way that has not been lived as yet. I speak of allowing people to choose their way of life, their choices in the moment, and seeing that it will all work out, even if it doesn’t seem to be a beneficial choice for the whole of life on Gaia. So many of you are seeing that these choices are made in the aspect of what will serve in the whole picture of what it is taking to bring it all into harmony.

When that becomes a knowing of more people around the globe it will bring about a change that will allow the manifestation and living of the event that will be obvious to those who have been tuning in to the pieces of the ‘so called’ puzzle. It will solve some issues that have been singing their off notes for some time, and will bring it all into harmony with the totality of the musical energy of Love and Joy in the peacefulness that will be prevalent.

This is part of what is taking place and causing some of you to be distressed, confused and tired of hearing what is coming, while never seeing it manifest. This is part of what so many refer to as the patience that is necessary for the result to show itself. It is also the example of the totality of humanity’s ideas about how to live life, how to make things happen, etc, come along. For so many of you it is making itself clear in your minds and hearts, while at the same time you find yourselves unable to find the words to explain. It is a knowing that requires no words to be clear. In fact words can often mislead for they cannot completely express what the knowing is.

So as I said, I am sitting here at the library and seeing the mix of results and seeing how it is all interweaving into a constantly changing pattern. The colors that are spoken change as in a living rainbow that escalates as the changing tides bring about the sounds that express in colors. The rainbows bring about a constant elevation of the tones of the promise that is in place. Have you ever heard a song that is sung on one level, and then brought to a higher and/or faster tone? This is quite an experience that I am having, and it is something that you all coupled with All, for the energies connected with this planet are creating in your own melody of creation in the manifestation of that which is in the highest benefit of all of life.

Now that I’ve planted some new ideas, perspectives and perhaps confusion in your minds, I know that you will go away from this message with the ever changing and clearing energy that you are in right now. It is wonderful so see so many of you asking for clarity, for that represents the truth of your being able to understand it and to then apply it to your movements in the manifestation of the event that you will in some way recognize when it happens. It will be as a mirror shining back to you that which you, on some level, already had seen. It is the nature of the capabilities that you all have, even those who don’t remember they do as yet. You will one of these days; you will awaken and see that your part in all of this has been so intragal that without it, it would still be out there churning and changing till the one piece finally falls into place to bringing it all into harmony. Know that it is at your doorstep, and live the moment of Now in love, peace and joy. That is the secret ingredient in the perfection of the Creation of All.

I sit in Love and the observation of your power. Love you all so much!

Thank you dear Horus,
Love, Nancy Tate

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