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We are the Arcturian Group - DECEMBER 8, 2013

"Dear ones, we see much more hope and light rising from the earth.  You do not sense this as we do, because  you are in the midst of it. News and media for the most part report only negative events many of which which when understood on a deeper level, are actually clearings.    The earth, dear Gaia, who is a living soul...carries  pockets of ancient energy still resonating upon her. These must be cleared in order to allow in the higher Light energies  of ascension.  All is proceeding according to plan both within and without, so try not to judge outer appearances by third dimensional standards.  Most news media outlets still resonate with old ways of delivering information in the belief that "shock and awe" are necessary to draw viewers or readers.  As mankind evolves there will come a higher type of information gathering by those who will not work in the old tradition, but will instead work on the  deeper levels of understanding and love.  

You are entering what is termed the  season of joy and love, but  many of you are finding that you no longer resonate with the commercial  aspects of the season the same way you used to.  You are discovering yourselves to be more aware of the constant push to buy, buy, buy and are finding it offensive rather than festive because you have evolved.  You now realize that possesions do not equal happininess or love--a lesson many have been forced to examine  through  weather related events.  As you increasingly begin to live out from gratitude and love, you become aware that "more stuff" does not create happiness. There are some who are very wealthy but live life going from one accquisition to another in their search for happiniess, never quite achieving it--this is their lesson in this life.

Many of you are also noticing that some traditional activities now feel  flat and boring--(films, TV shows, advertising, music, and commercial hype).  At first you may try to  ignore these feelings or credit them to tiredness while continuing to push ahead in the familiar ways.  Honor yourselves dear ones, by  having the courage to let go of  anything or anyone that no longer resonates with you.

Do not judge or believe something is wrong  if you find you are not able to get into your usual "Christmas mood", for you are now living out from a new state of consciousness, one that no longer  fully resonates with consummerism as it is being presented to you under the colorful wrappings of "holiday spirit".  You are graduating, it is what you have been asking for.  

As you evolve, you begin to experience every facet of life  in  new ways.  You begin to  see beyond  the third dimensional appearnaces  and start looking deeper into the real meaning behind life events.  This is true for Christmas as well--you begin celebrate the birth of Love into Consciousness and the messages of truth given the world through it. You enjoy the season from a  new and higher state of awarenss, but at the same time do not "throw out the baby with the bathwater" for the Christmas season is a time of high energy, of joy, of celebration--powerful  energies to embrace and experience.

The Christmas season presents opportunities to practice living out from your power while still  experiencing the joy of this sacred time.  It is an opportunity  for you to let go of the tradtitions that no longer resonate with you while at the same time incorporating new ones that do.  This can cause  dissension  in families whose traditions go back many generations--always celebrated in the same way.  New ideas and activies can be incorporated slowly and gently.  There need not be the elimination of  traditions still enjoyed, but the elimination of those that feel old and finished.  

It is about  looking behind the  traditions, rites and rituals, and examining what these activities represent.  It is about no longer allowing yourselves to be led by family, church, media, etc.  into the blind belief that these things have innate power in and of themselves for they have only whatever power you chose to give them. Look deeper.   Remember always--you are in charge of you and your choices, not familiy, friends,  or the big box stores. 

The intense commercialism you are being increasingly bombarded  with  has nothing to do with the truth behind what is being celebrated.  Let any changes  you decide to make be changes that represent the real Christ birth--the birth of Truth and Love. Christmas takes place any moment the soul begins to understand this. Changes you are guided to make will encourage others also experiencing these same  feelings  to courageously look deeper and make their own  changes. 

Be aware that commercialism is often presented in hidden forms, pushing you  to give to this or give to that all in the name of being loving and generous.  However much of this is simply a back door into promothing more buying.  Give, but give from the heart, dear ones, always trusting your intuition as to when it  is appropriate and when it is not.  Many gifts don't need to be bought and you will  think of many if you try.  

Deep and profound completeness can only come from the awareness that you are Divine beings having  human experiences of separation in order to at some point discover the truth of this.  Christmas celebrations represent third dimensional interpretations of the birth of Light and truth.  There are  many who are  unaware of this, and in their ignorance continue to see and promote the season in ever more commercial ways, however what you do with it is your choice. 

Enjoy the  high frequencies of Light and joy present during the holiday season for the energy of joy most closely resonates with  Divine energy-- let the joyful child within  you escape and be free.  See and enjoy the festivities in whatever ways make your heart sing, but begin to SEE and KNOW the deeper truths behind every celebration, every tradition, every rite or ritual."

We are the Arcturian Group  

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