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"From: Dr Michael Salla, Date: 06/15/07 14:11:46, President Eisenhower's Meeting at Holloman AFB with Extraterrestrials

En sannhet, som er blitt en kuriositet med tida.  Den taler for seg sjøl, og er kun ment som en visning her av de strengt hemmeligholdte besøkene på Jorda for en del år siden.  Hvorfor så hemmelig? - kan vi spørre idag.

"From: Dr Michael Salla
Date: 06/15/07 14:11:46
Subject: [exopolitics] President Eisenhower's Meeting at Holloman AFB with Extraterrestrials

Aloha all, I'm delighted to announce that more research has been conducted on President Eisenhower's secret visit to Holloman AFB in 1955 to have a meeting with extraterrestrials. Art Campbell has investigated the case and found documentation to support Eisenhower's plane (Columbine III - aka Airforce One) secretly traveling to Holloman on February 11, 1955 soon after his Feb 10 arrival in Georgia for a 'recreational' trip. He has also interviewed three witnesses to help corroborate this event. 

The first is ‘Wilbur’ who was an Air Force medic stationed at Holloman who overheard confidential conversations about Eisenhower’s meeting with ETs and witnessed the some of the events associated with the meeting. I was able to independently confirm that Wilbur did indeed serve at Holloman AFB at the time he claimed through his military records. His testimony and my comments can be read below.

Next is the testimony of a civilian electrician who witnessed a saucer shaped UFO hovering over Holloman AFB on Feb 11. Art was able to confirm that the electrician’s story remained the same over many years. Finally, there is a Secret Service agent who confirmed that the Secret Service detail accompanying Eisenhower for his Georgia visit was standard for a major international meeting, and not the recreational outing that Eisenhower claimed to the media on February 9.

Art Campbell’s investigation is reproduced far below.

This is important corroboration of the secret galactic diplomacy conducted between President Eisenhower and extraterrestrial visitors.
In peace,
Michael Salla, Ph.D."

The Arcturians

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