onsdag 11. desember 2013

Message from the Star Councils for 2014 – Prana Tube Activation - 11 December 2013 - Channeler: Solara An-Ra

"Light Tribe of Gaia, we come with words of encouragement and motivation as you move towards the dawn of 2014. So many of you were heavy of heart after the 2012 Solstice, around which so many hopes were pinioned and so much propaganda was invoked. The energies at that time held massive potential, but the time was not yet at hand where a quantum shift of consciousness was able to be achieved. As you approach the 2013 Solstice you find yourselves once more in a period of activation and great potential. The energies are in fact a great deal stronger now than in the year of 2012 – indeed, you have more potential to activate your multi-dimensionality in the time window of 2014 than you have had in the previous decade!

We urge you therefore to pay more attention to your energy bodies, and to learn how to deal with the energy upgrades which are in progress. Without these skills you may struggle to progress; to stay balanced in body, mind and emotions - and we will assist you on a practical level now.

The importance of your prana tube - and your confidence in working with your prana tube - cannot be underestimated at this time. This pathway, which we have called an ‘energetic breathing tube’, is your pathway to union with the Cosmic Bliss of Source - and to true oneness with your planet also. It is your means of interface with all dimensions within your galaxy. Although it is of course possible to connect with Source & Gaia with no working knowledge of this device, it is the nature of the shifting realities on your planet now - which make it difficult to stay aligned and grounded - which makes this knowledge imperative. Particularly for the Indigos who are stepping into their power now – for these young adults the method we give here will empower you and keep you sane as you integrate your higher dimensional Light bodies and skills.

Visualise this crystalline tube within you now, 3 to 4 cm wide, running through all 12 chakras – 3 above the body, 7 within and 2 below. Feel how your prana tube naturally stays within the confines of your aura. Say ‘I activate my prana tube NOW!’ and send your tube straight up into the Great Central Sun at the heart of your galaxy – and straight down into the Core Crystal of the planet. As you feel or see the tube connecting in above and below, feel the rush of blissful energy entering your heart space in your chest.

Sit or stand and feel the energies rushing in from above – focus on how this feels; spend time experiencing how it feels. Now change your focus and experience the energy rushing upwards from the core crystal into your heart space. Experiment focussing on the one flow and then the other - and finally experiencing both flows – energy rushing into your heart space from above and below simultaneously. On a scientific level, it is electro-magnetic energy which is charging your body. Above and beyond this, it is the love of Source and the love of the Earth Mother which floods your body as you focus on your prana tube."    forts.

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