onsdag 25. desember 2013

The Astrological Sign of Jesus

With Christmas approaching and many of you interested in astrology I thought that this would be of value.

Questioner: Was the Master Jesus born under the sign of Capricorn?

"The Council: No. Shall we leave it at this. Scorpio. The sign of Scorpio is the last step, if you wish to think of the signs in graduated degrees of spirituality or what have you, the sign of Scorpio is actually the highest sign in the Zodiac chart. It brings about the opportunity to gain the highest spirituality and with that also brings the opportunity of gaining the absolute degradation and complete opposite of a godliness.

The sign of the scorpion can bring the highest spiritual development possible. The scorpion can deliver the sting of spiritual bliss and the injection of the real life and life forces. It can move from under the rock of darkness into the glories of the heaven and to the skies above and that above the sun to soar as an eagle over all its domain and then from there even continue up into the heavens into the form of the dove. There is no limit to the spirituality which the scorpion can achieve. The scorpion can be the mystic of mystics, can be the creator of creator, can be the Son of God. The scorpion can be as obedient as any son to his father, and in this respect he obtains the highest spiritual development.

The scorpion delivers a sting that is deadly to the darkness, and that is awe-inspiring to the light. This is the positive scorpion. But just as the scorpion can be positive so it can be considered the prince of darkness for that sting can bring a blackness to the light like you would not believe. It can bring the complete desolation of its very being, its very, very being. As a scorpion one should always achieve only the highest and this can be obtained by directing one's thoughts to that which is the ultimate expression of love and brotherly love, never allowing the base desires to touch anything that the scorpion is trying to obtain. The scorpion has an existence that is born in love, and in the gentleness of heavenly music and in the softness of the pale blue and pure white. The scorpion sleeps in the beautiful music of heaven and in the sounds of the universe in its movement towards its Creator. The scorpion should always use its ability to deliver only the highest."

For more on William LePar and The Council see www.WilliamLePar.com

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