søndag 8. desember 2013

What Will Happen A Moment AFTER The Event ~ A Message from Sananda through Elizabeth Trutwin, December 5, 2013

"Greetings! This is Lord Sananda. One week to ten days AFTER The Event, Disclosure, Announcements and Arrests~we will have Landings. As The Event approaches you may begin to see Mass Decloakings of Galactic Federation Ships over major cities. A few days later we will begin Landings. "  

"What you will experience next will be seeing all of the Ascended Masters returning to Earth. The Gods of Egypt, Rome, Greece, the Great Kings of China, India, Arabia. Every Ascended Master, Archangel and Galactic. All of the Great Ones every mentioned in Earth’s Akasha will descend upon the Planet all at Once. They agreed a long time ago to be on Earth as Time ends here. It will be a great Celebration. Those whose Avatar Forms played multiple roles through the ages of time, will bring back each One of themselves at the same time. This is what will be possible. Imagine these Shining Ones will return to lend their mind and their muscle to building New Earth together with you. This Mighty Beings of the Greatest Forces of Light will bring themselves and their Fleets of Ships with new technologies and all the help which will be needed to revive Earth very quickly. This has always been the Master Plan. The Masters come back to give Service to Earth for what they received during their lives here. Earth has always been a Galactic Civilization.

There have been many Souls transitioning off Earth in the past few weeks. For those who remain incarnate on Earth at Changeover all of them will go to New Earth. There is a misunderstanding by some that this means everybody will Ascend. That is not true. There is no automatic Ascension. The Super Portal which opened 11.11.13 facilitated moving many off Planet to new lives where they may continue working out their karma. It was not an easy decision for the Archangels. It was simply time to draw the line. All is in Divine Order. These Ones had been counseled and given significant time to determine their own fate. They were happy to return Home for now.

How it will work is each person will receive reparations under NESARA Law, mortgages, loans and credit card debt will be forgiven, college tuitions will be paid. Real Estate and Currencies will be revalued. Free energy will be had by all. Healings for all who are sick, every last One. The Light Cities above Earth will be where these Healings take place. Each person will have two or three mentors to help them with free training, intergalactic travel as desired, and discovering what Our next Mission is. There is a Divine Plan in place for Earth since a very long time ago. Yes you will be able to go Home, although you will be back to help with the work of building New Earth as you promised. It is the cost of the privilege of Being on Earth now.

Each person will have all the help they need. Each person will be shown The Path to Enlightenment. Each person will be shown what is required to reach liberation. Those who choose to ignore the advice will live out their lives and when they pass on later then they will leave Earth and go to another place which remains in duality. The Ones who do not avail themselves to all the gifts given, will continue in the birth and death cycle off Earth. Those who complete the Inner Work during their lifetime, releasing the programing from within the matrix and dissolving their ego minds, will reach Enlightenment in this lifetime and that will mean they become physically immortal. The physical realm is transcended. These Souls are able to leave a body and personality to go on to infinite potentials in the physical and non physical realms as they desire. There are other Planets out their who need help with their Ascension. After all the fun we have had here, some will go on as a Group to new assignments after they finish rebuilding New Earth some years in the future. With all of the changes even the work will be fun. Everybody will be availed any and all help they need to accomplish their own Ascension on New Earth."   forts.


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