lørdag 7. desember 2013

Very many of you have been extremely dissatisfied with your earthly lives - December 7, 2013 by John Smallman

"Life is eternal, you are alive, and therefore you too are eternal beings.  There truly is no death.  Yes, of course you lay down your illusory bodies as you leave the dream environment and return Home from your “travels,” but that is a glorious awakening into the brilliance of Reality.  Your forthcoming human awakening or ascension is different because it will be a mass awakening in which you retain your bodies which are then restored to full vitality and perfection, with an age or physical appearance and abilities appropriate to it that suits your wishes.

In “A Course In Miracles” I talked of moving from the nightmare into a happy dream, and that is what is about to occur.  Very many of you have been extremely dissatisfied with your earthly lives, and to move into a “Happy Dream” is the next stage on your journey back to Reality.  You cannot move fully into Reality while holding on to any energies, attitudes, or beliefs that are not in complete alignment with our Source, God, our heavenly Father, Love.

The Happy Dream is a state where all that you could desire is there for you.  There is no need or possibility to compete or to fight to obtain your “just deserts,” all your needs and wants are met without in the least inconveniencing or “short changing” anyone else.  It is an environment in which you can learn to relax, release your fears and anxieties, and realize that you have no need of those negative aspects of yourselves.  You will live there in joy, happily developing your infinite creative abilities thus giving pleasure to all.

It is very hard for you to imagine a world in which there is no conflict, no mistrust, no disappointment, only harmonious cooperation for the good of all – a “good” with which all can identify irrespective of their race, color, culture, or creed.  From that joyful state, when you feel ready, you can move all the way Home to join us in the spiritual realms.  But the state of being in this Happy Dream is very soothing, relaxing, even enchanting, and many of you will be in no hurry to move on.  And that is just fine.  God wants only your complete happiness, and seeing you in the Happy Dream enjoying yourselves gives Him enormous joy too.

This may sound to some of you like a change of plan, but I assure you that it is not. To describe in words the new environment into which you are about to be ushered is impossible.  There is a very great difference between the Happy Dream and Reality, but from your human perspective or vantage point it is almost impossible for you differentiate between them purely because of the perspective limitations that your humanity imposes upon you.  Consequently the Happy Dream will, for all of you, be a heavenly experience."   forts.

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