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It's manifestation time! - Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon 2013

Get ready to be re-birthed! This month's Seasons of the Soul teaching (the last in a 9-month rebirthing series) stands on it's own, and is great preparation for 2014. Even if you haven't joined in on the other 8 teachings in this series, you will love this one!

Here's an excerpt:

"Let's say you want to create an experience of a new home where you are sitting in comfort. You love this house; it's a lovely experience. You're visualizing it now. You're seeing yourself there. You are feeling it in your body. You're feeling it in your spirit. You're feeling it in your emotional self, and you see yourself there, and you say, 'That's the picture I want to step into.' However, what if, my dear friends, there's something more? Are you willing to see it? Are you willing to accept it? Are you willing to acknowledge it? Well, my dear friends, right here and now you can say unto yourself, 'I am willing to step into the picture that I have created, or if God has something even better, I'll step into that. I am more than willing to have and to accept more. I am willing to receive the abundance in my life, the love, the gifts that come from the universe. I am willing now to accept and to acknowledge my wholeness of Self, one hundred percent.' And, my dear friends, as you do this you will find that you are more relaxed in the month of December than you've ever been before."

-Dr. Peebles through Summer Bacon ©2013

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God and Money
By Summer Bacon

I was talking to God this morning, as I do every day, almost without ceasing. I talk to God about anything and everything, just like I would talk with a good friend. I find that, when I hold nothing back (even sharing when I am angry and frustrated with life), I get answers. I keep talking to God until the answers come.

So, here I was, once again in the tub, chatting away to God about money, just like hundreds of thousands of other people do each day. Sure, I'd like my life to be more abundant. I've promised God that I would make a great steward of His money. I've drawn up countless plans of how I would spend the lottery winnings in order to prove what a good person I am, and that my desire for money is not about greed, but about doing good works in the world. I would make many friends millionaires with those winnings. The Old Town Mission in Cottonwood would be rolling in the dough, and the Sedona Community Center would never lack food for its Meals on Wheels program. In my chats with God about money, I've changed my mind and requests many times, thinking maybe a smaller request would be honored, "Well, I mean...$100,000 would be nice. Then Mark and I could open the restaurant," to " But, if you wanted to give me millions, then I could create that big home for homeless families."

I'm sure, if you're breathing air, you might have gone through this process one or more times, too.

But, this morning something was different. I was talking to God about money (well, actually, I was kind of mindlessly rambling on about it), when all of a sudden I heard, "Summer, I have already given all of you everything you need. I didn't create money, humans did. I don't dole it out, or keep it away from anyone. Humans do. I didn't make humans greedy, they chose to be greedy. Humans have chosen to create barriers, borders and boundaries to keep themselves separate from each other. Humans have chosen to hoard money and goods, and keep food to themselves, and not share the abundance of life with each other. Humans have chosen to ignore the fact that they are all one big family, and refuse to treat each other as such."

Those words stopped me in my tracks, as I saw this ideal vision of the world unfold in front of me. A world where we can't scramble fast enough to bring food to a neighbor in need, or rush to the aid of someone who has fallen and is hurt. A world where we celebrate our differences, and share of our individual gifts and talents without weighing and measuring the energetic exchange in dollars and cents. A world where we shamelessly give and receive love.

I stopped my bargaining with God, and went back to the one thing that I know is tried and true. Not counting money, but counting my blessings. "Thank you God for the roof over my head, the food in my tummy, my kitties, my children, my father, my friends." Even without a winning lottery ticket, I began to feel more and more abundant as I itemized all of my blessings.

God truly has given us everything, if only we could come together in love.

I pray that in the new year we can all learn to count our blessings more often. I pray that we learn to live life with a thankful heart for what we do have, rather than focusing upon what we don't have.

I pray that, when we are in doubt about how to proceed, that we always choose love.

Happy Holidays to each and every precious one of you! With love and gratitude for your continued support of my work with Dr. Peebles.


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