tirsdag 10. desember 2013

Releasing Illusion to Remember the Truth

"The main enemy that we have is the lies that we tell ourselves.  These lies that we tell ourselves come from believing the illusion. I had big trees at the back of my house, which were planted in the neighbor's yard, that created total privacy, Then, then the neighbor cut them all down, which was devastating to me because I adored those trees. They were like people. Days later, after I had gone through my grief, I looked out at the huge houses on the hill behind my house and said, "The illusion of privacy is gone." and then penny dropped.

Then I got a higher lesson that what was so devastating was actually the death of an illusion. The trees proved me with an illusion of privacy, and when I lost that illusion I was very sad. We have lived many, many lifetimes in the 3D world of illusion. Hence, as we move in to the higher frequencies of our consciousness, our perceptions will see through illusions of our physical world and into the truths of the higher dimensions.

Many of us are going to keep a copy of our body on Earth in the same manner as we save a copy of a paper we are writing.  If we are writing a presentation or a paper we remember to save a copy. In this way, we can make sure that we don't lose the original while we are making the revisions. Whether or not we know it, we are all in the process of making a lot of revision to our consciousness and even our body.

The main revision we are making as we move into the higher frequencies is that we are leaving time.  When our consciousness pierces the illusion of time, can consciously experience into the higher dimensional worlds. Then, we return to our physical form a second before, or after, we left.  Thus, to our physical reality, we never left.  This is something that is happening to a lot of us and is why people are losing their short-term memory.

Although, it isn't really our short-term memory that we are losing, but the memory of where our consciousness just dashed off to and returned form. We do not remember what happened because we just left time. Since our 3D memory is based on the past, present and future time, it cannot register a concept of moving into a timeless reality and returning just before, or shortly after, we left."   forts.

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