torsdag 5. desember 2013

A Message from Archangel Michael - Channeled Through and Written by Carolyn Ann O’Riley - Is It Resistance or Pushing the Envelope

"Greetings! Greetings! Greetings! My Beautiful Beings of Light. The swirling energies are engulfing you and pulling you this way and that. Of course the chaos is always there and will be with you for quite some time. There may still be some dark personal moments as you continue to cycle on and off, for you are doing all that clearing and releasing from your vast energy fields from eons of time. 

My Beloveds you might want to label this the new norm for now, because My Beautiful Beings of Light you will be clearing the debris from all the nooks and crannies for the next several decades to come. 

It would have been lovely to have just flipped a switch, so it were, and there would be a golden age of pure love, but that is not how your pre-incarnated contracts cast this time, in these moments in now. Mass Consciousness, My Beloveds didn’t see it this way and so it is written.

My Divine Beings of Grace, as you know or are remembering, time really only exists on the Earth Plane. Lineal time, as you know it, is actually dissolving. In Celestial viewing these moments pass through in the blink of an eye. 

Perhaps repeating this mantra will help you keep the tough chaotic moments in perspective : “Even this shall pass away” “Even this shall pass away” “Even this shall pass away”. Ask your Angels and Guides to help you walk through these moments with ease and grace.

One of the challenges of this moment is identifying whether you are resisting your personal Spiritual guidance or pushing the envelope to expand your personal growth. Both of the choices have a pause involved when you are right there next to them in action.

My Beloveds ask yourselves this question: Are you feeling like you are waiting constantly on information or for a desired project to come to completion? Each time you keep anticipating the information or results to be completed, a new shoe drops extending the delays. It just seems like one thing right after the other comes up and stops the progress, or adds a new hurdle to be jumped through. When you encounter this scenario My Beautiful Light Beings of Grace this is resistance. There has been some short fall of understood Spiritual inner guidance, direction or frequency level  that has not been heard or acknowledged or achieved on your part. These are areas or projects that were not lined up for your Highest and Best outcomes or aligned with your Higher Master Blueprint. These were expectations and outcomes that were created from your own conscious limitations or views, thereby, were not in sync with your own Higher Divine Blueprint."    forts.

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