søndag 17. april 2016

The Simulation Hypothesis

What’s real and what isn’t? Just in case you were wondering, and who isn’t?:

The age-old debate of whether matter gives rise to mind or mind gives rise to matter has finally been settled by science. Many scientists have explored the concept of our world being virtual or dream-like. Dr. Brian Whitworth, a systems analyst from the University of Massey took the two opposing views: Materialism; which supports that our universe is entirely physical and the Simulation Hypothesis; which declares that our universe exists as a virtual construct. He compared both and concluded that scientifically, our universe makes more sense when viewed as a virtual construct from consciousness rather than simply matter existing independently of the mind.

So watch this documentary, it’s quite intriguing (about 50 minutes, and there’s never a dull moment!)

02/21/2016 by  John Smallman   

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