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Update: Taking A Break From This Blog For A While & Akram Vignan / Gnan Vidhi - by REENA on OCTOBER 29, 2013 - in MISC, SPIRITUAL AWAKENING, SPIRITUALITY & SCIENCE

Hello Readers of this blog,
(Reenas blog)

It has been a while since I last posted. Many things have transpired in spiritual terms, and simultaneously, I have felt less able to transcribe the changing state of play into words. But I have been meaning to add an update at least, if only to say that I am taking a bit of break for a while. How long for, I don’t know, and equally, if I feel suddenly prompted to, I shall take up the pen and paper again, or rather keyboard and computer. But it may be some time before I post again, I don’t really know.

Previous Worldly Posts No Longer Fit

Thoughts of changing the content on this blog enter frequently of late, because many of the old posts on here no longer mean anything to me, and are rather aliens here. I feel in a very different space to all the worldly information posted here in the past. Those sorts of posts were in fact what drew much larger numbers to this blog, and the core topic of self-realization or spiritual awakening that I am interested in, has attracted far fewer visitors. But there we have it. The fact is that few there are in this world who really wish for self-realization, but this is, to me, the very purpose of our lives. For in realizing who we truly are we can transcend our suffering, and this is what everyone wants. But there is no such transcendence to be found in worldly or intellectual paths.

(So if you see changes to the posts or categories on this blog you will know why.)

Pleasure Never Satisfies

What most people are aiming for is pleasure, and this is merely a temporary state. Yet it is almost permanently engrained in our psyche as something to strive for, one pleasure after the other, be it shopping, money, sex, holidays, relationships, drama, alcohol, socialising, ego-pampering or whatever it may be. But somewhere inside we know pleasure’s failure to truly satisfy. We simply know this. But we are too at one with our ego to care. So often, it is the challenges we face that break the spell of the ego. One has to have courage to travel the ravages of the charges we carry within that the pleasure-seeking hides from our view, during the true spiritual process. And if we don’t do this now, we will do it at some point, whether after another 1000 lifetimes.


To share a little. My journey since an initial separation of Reena from my perception in 2007, has been, looking back, one of wondering how to regain this separation on a more permanent basis. The actual state came and went in great moments of depth and knowledge over a period of some weeks, or maybe months I can’t recall, and there was a radical shift in my perception of the world from within in a general sense. But the bliss, joy, knowledge and freedom I had experienced in moments were never a permanent state. Soon thereafter the intellect kicked in to try to retain this shift. Once a sweet mango is tasted, the mind remembers the taste and wants it again, but I did not succeed in tasting it again directly except in very brief moments or dreams sometimes. And even here, as I describe it, I sense the ego in the way. I have realized that the ego is so very subtle and that it is VERY difficult to attain permanent abiding separation from it by one’s own efforts, despite the number of satsangs one may attend or the number of hours one may meditate.

Akram Vignan / Gnan Vidhi

In answer to my heartfelt wish for self-realization on a more abiding basis, recently, I found a way whereby one can attain this separation of the small self from true Self. It’s called Akram Vignan – they call it spiritual science. The ceremony in which such separation occurs lasts less than an hour and at first it sounded like it couldn’t be true. But now I understand how this could be possible and why, after following other teachings (Advaita , non-duality etc) there failed to be the abiding sense of bliss and joy that one would have expected. And that reason is that only a lighted candle can light another candle. A real life and fully-realized human being can impart such grace to another whereby a deep shift into Real Self (and thus away from attachment to the small self with one’s name) can occur. This ceremony is called Gnan Vidhi and here you can watch people’s experiences after taking Gnan: http://www.dadabhagwan.org/gnan-vidhi-knowledge-of-self/experiences/video-experiences/.

The background to Akram Vignan is that in 1958 Param Pujya Ambalal Muljibhai Patel (also known as “Dadashri” or “Dada Bhagwan”) was sitting at a railway station when during 48 minutes he became completely self-realized. Not only that but he had from then on the spiritual power to enlighten others.

Next Gnan Vidhi In The UK

I intend to take Gnan Vidhi at the next opportunity in the UK in March (22nd / 23rd / 24th) and find out the truth of this for myself. In his writings Dadashri says that if a teaching is working or has power then there must be results. Indeed, proof of the pudding is in the eating, or in this case, the taking of the Gnan.

There is no charge to any Akram Vignan satsangs or events, and they neither accept donations, they also provide a whole heap of materials all free of charge. Do read up about it if you wish, and if you are in the UK and wish to also attend in March, or want to chat about it feel free to get in touch. Just in case you’re wondering, it is not a religion (despite its Indian devotional feel) and nor any kind of sect. It is purely about self-realization which is exactly the door I was searching through when I came across it quite by seeming ‘chance’. Of course, there is no chance at all.

It’s Results That Count

In fact I read one of Dadashri’s many eBooks online around 2007 but decided to follow the more ‘sexy’ path of the more well-known non-dual teachings that have become popular in the west. Plus although I think the eBook mentioned Gnan Vidhi it didn’t actually explain what the ceremony was, so the whole thing got bypassed for some 6 years. And moreover, this teaching felt too ‘Indian’ even for an Indian! But now, I go along with Dadashri whole-heartedly – it is results that count, not the packaging.

So we will see. This is where I am at present in terms of the spiritual path.

I will for sure post about the ceremony after the Gnan Vidhi next March.

Stay In Touch

Just to say that you are welcome to continue to add comments on this blog on any of the posts, as I will still be maintaining this site. Or feel free to contact me for 1-2-1 sessions or email support or soul plan readings.

Look forward to hearing from you and to connecting with you via posts on this blog at some point in the not so distant future.

Love and namaskars,

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