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Passing Through - Posted on May 6, 2014 - By Kim Seppälä Published in the May 2014 - Shaumbra Magazine

Ja, sånn kan vi ta fullstendig feil!

Why is it that all those children’s stories end with “…and they lived happily ever after?” I admit I spent quite some time looking for true love, a soul mate with whom I could live, problem-free and happily ever after. Gradually my dreams shifted, and I started looking for my soul (with or without a mate) to make my life perfect. Yet here I am, a master on my way to ascension, and my life is still full of problems. In a recent Keahak channelling Adamus stated that, “enlightenment is not a solution.” So what is enlightenment, if not a solution? If it doesn’t mean gliding happily into our gold-dusted ever after, all the while being a perfect version of ourselves, what does it mean?

Nothing against the Zen-zone, but I dare to suggest that embodied ascension has nothing to do with a constant state of unwavering emotional, physical, mental and spiritual balance. That would be like calling perfection enlightenment. My bet is that we as enlightened physical masters will continue to trip and fall down, like we’ve done so many times before. The difference is that this time we have the unconditional trust in ourselves that we will find balance again, no matter what. It is knowing that no matter when, where or how deep we fall, we will find our way back up (even if we lose our minds along the way).  After all, we have done it a thousand times before. How many times have you died a human death? Many – and still here you are, reading this article, breathing, and being aware of your awareness. Let’s give ourselves some credit!

When we are enlightened – and let’s make it clear we might just as well start today – we will experience days when we wake up and the butterflies are singing (or a Maserati is purring in the garage) and other days when we struggle just to reach stability. Maybe it is a conflict with a loved one, despite all our knowledge of the sexual energy virus and a conscious effort to reach sovereignty. Perhaps it is a project or creation that doesn’t receive recognition from others. In dynamic and changing times like these, any shift in our surroundings can feel like yet another obstacle in our way, adding chaos to our already unpredictable lives. It is no wonder that we fall off center at times.

Enlightenment, much like love (which I did find and which is certainly not solving all my problems), has nothing to do with success. True mastery and true love – whether it is true love to yourself or shared with another – share many qualities: both experiences are profound, healing, beautiful, simple beyond understanding, and based on trust and allowing. And neither is a place where we can arrive or state that we can reach. Mastery, like love, simply is.

So here we are, strong beautiful masters, wild pirates of the new energy, waking up with a headache, depression, and confusion. Does this mean we are not enlightened? No! It is just an energy passing through us. It is the perfect moment to roll our eyes (at ourselves) and say: “Oh, I see, this is one of those days. No big deal. I’ll just pass through all these judging thoughts and dark emotions, sooner or later I will find my way back into feeling good.”

We all know that the master allows grace. However, it is about allowing grace even in moments of defeat, disappointment, or sadness. Try allowing grace exactly in that moment of lost balance. Say, “Yes, I am too sensitive for this world; yes, I made this strange choice that I didn’t like and everything is okay. I’m going to be graceful anyway – in any way, on any way.

Because after all, what’s the hurry? We are just strolling through this experience. Not running away from our mistakes or from our greatness. Not rushing through to get anywhere, not even home. We’re on our way for the sake of being on our way. To figure out what “my way” is. And if enlightenment is not a goal at which we can arrive, but rather the way on which we are walking, we might just as well be on it – right here and now.

So as I write the ending to my story of awakening (actually, why not an ending to all the stories my mind is telling, while I’m at it), I will end it with this: And I lived happily ever after – or not – and loved it nonetheless.

Kim Seppälä is a new energy writer currently living in Malta. To contact her send email to:

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