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Méline Portia Lafont ~ What kind of wave are we experiencing at this time? - FRIDAY, MAY 23, 2014

Breathe my sweet friends and fellow travelers of Light. We are being absorbed into an exhale of creation, where we plant the seeds through our being and our consciousness level of being which is rising as a result of all the intense integrations that we are absorbing and even start to emanate at this time. We exhale our new birthing Self into this reality, because we are embodying our Divine and true essence more and more on several levels, which our bodies can hold for us at this time.

Just like in the times of Lemuria we are holding the space and the frequencies of Light, through our own consciousness in our embodiment, this as high as possible for us to maintain. What we hold now, is something that we could never hold before on such a level of consciousness and in this lower density simultaneously, for our bodies are transforming at the same time and at the same rate that our consciousness is re-birthing us into our Divine essence.

We are currently arriving at the higher levels of integration of our birthed Self, which is our Divinity, our Christ consciousness and our I AM expression. These levels require a lot of Self acceptance, knowledge, trust and allowance for we start to experience the Mastering level of our own Self. This Master level brings us all into realities where you are pointed into the direction of that which must be released concerning the ego, for there is no ego in self Mastery.

A true Master being has not one thought of judgment of another, for the Master sees all as one and everything as one with him. A Master sees all as a process of being without any judgment for nothing is wrong or bad in this level of consciousness, all just is. We either face our ego in the now, or we receive more lessons to let this go once and for all. This brings a lot of triggers and intense energies that blend with your reality, to assist you with the release.

Sanat Kumara has given me a true heartfelt guidance with regards to this and I was astounded at how thin the veil of judgment is. I will share his guidance and explanation with you all through an example:

“If you are for instant scrolling down on someone's profile on the internet or seeing someone's personal reality filled with interests you feel is not needed to put any energy into, and you think to yourself: why is this person keeping his focus on this rather than on love? This is judgment for you fill in what another one should be doing instead of this one's current chosen path. A Master being does not judge what he sees for he sees love in everything and all without any thought at all. He observes, he sees and he allows. This with respect for everyone's path. You cannot fill in what another should do or rather be in your point of view, you can only decide on your own reality and let all the rest BE.”

Sanat Kumara has given me a very clear view on this now and it has brought me on such a sensitive level that I even cannot sing lyrics of certain songs anymore for I feel that what I sing along, I enhance and create, even by just allowing it to be in my mind. I am grateful for his guidance here.

This is a moment of really monitoring your thoughts for we have reached a level of consciousness where all you send out as thoughts, just by thinking and speaking of it, becomes your reality. In one second, manifestation is being created so we are assisted here in monitoring our thoughts every now moment, for it is a part of the Self Mastery.

In the times of Lemuria, we did Self work, Self monitoring and Self balance every single now moment of our existence. We kept on working in unity as a community, as we created everything as one consciousness, this from the purest intention of Love. As we are becoming a strong collective consciousness, where oneness can be experienced again, we release a lot of old patterns in order to reach that stage again.

There is no separation here and there has never been, for all is one in creation. There is no “us” and “they” here, only "we". In the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, we as Atlantians were experiencing a different kind of evolution where we created the separation by using the expressions of “us” and “they”, while we as Lemurians were holding the frequencies of the highest and purest Light as possible in our embodiments. We as Lemurians even went to the lower planes while holding that frequency and space for others in order to assist in the awakening.

Separation is what caused the fall, and still we tend to use the “us” and the “they”. This is something that is a part of the letting go process that we need to understand here, that there is no “us” and “they” and that nobody stands above another for all are equal as one. We are reaching levels of consciousness here where we know there is only oneness, so it is time to go within and to embody this theory into reality.

The core of all existence is getting shaked here in a strong way, so that Reality is met again and one goes within. By getting shaked many come to the realization of awakening to Self. It is a time of either you go along and you do your part of Self work and follow your journey, willing to evolve and to step into the unknown in full trust ~ or you will be shaken until you are willing to meet your Self again. Everyone gets to a point now that can bring shifts and awakenings.

I realize this sounds hard but it is the message I keep on getting every single day: “make or break” and the many exits on this plane and the way those play out in Reality are a tangible reflection of it. You get to your Self Mastery and work on your Self everyday or you will constantly be confronted with difficulties and be mirrored of that which you are not willing to see. What occurs frequently these days is that soul groups are choosing to depart because it was a part of their soul contract as a choice. Those will get other chances at Ascension either on a later date or through their exit now where they go straight to the light and assist from there, or reincarnate into the higher frequencies on Earth.

Many are having a hard time holding the high and intense frequencies as the shifts are immense! We are being pulled out of our comfort zones here and balance is top KEY. My team keeps on telling me to be balanced and rested for much more is coming in the very near now moment; the Light team asks to stay steady and balanced in order to assist other new awakened ones because of the realities that are merging right now that causes much confusion for many.

We can see this already here and there around us and in our own realities where reactions of confusion are arising, resulting in blame, anger and projecting this all onto others. We need to be focused here through this passage, let go of everything and keep balanced at all times. If thoughts of anger arise, let these out through transmutation but do not engage with those actions, do not analyze those; it is the ego transforming and trying to hold on to its comfortable space.

Being pulled out of the comfort zone is our new reality of being, where we allow the trust in our Self to arise and where we keep a focus on monitoring the thoughts and intentions at all times because projecting negativity and lower energies at another you is doing the same to yourself as we are one in true essence.

Before we can truly start to manifest this new community where all is love and everyone is aware of each other for who we are as a collective and Divine being,we need to monitor our true intentions and hold the space only for love at all times. From that state of being on, we can build many communities and new realities in a split second, as a collective and on a personal level. We are already doing this now, step by step but now we are assisted even more to get to that point of Self Mastery so that our thoughts are under control and everything is created out of pure love-filled thoughts only.

We are the builders and the holders of the new age, of the new emerging world and of the Light cities on this Earthly plane. This by intention and heart filled love.

We are receiving the key codes to build the new realities and to reactivate that wisdom within us to keep on evolving on our paths and to hold that space for the whole collective as a oneness. The Light cities are reactivating on our planes of realities because we are leveling up our vibrations as well as reaching the planes of Higher Love ~ where oneness and love are the branches of the tree of life, that holds everything into existence as the Source.

I have been receiving some symbols and codes from Merlin ~ one of the past incarnations of my Twin Flame ~ and Merlin amusingly challenged me to solve what they mean. It were Alchemy - and Rune symbols, ancient symbols that I have never seen before and just received those in complete consciousness state of being. I would run to take a sheet of paper and a pen to sketch them so I wouldn't forget. This brought me to my journey to Merlin's Cave in England, where I was only able to translate these symbols after my journey to his cave. Seems they functioned as codes for something in my personal journey and were a personal message too, that has unfolded once I came back home. I could find the symbols in some books that crossed my path while being in England so I knew what the symbols meant, but the real “aha” moment and solving was after experiencing something, which brought those symbols and their meaning into full light.

We are given so much assistance and guidance here, the only thing we need to do is to be open to receive without any expectation. Just allowing and put your heart open for everything that needs to be there in this now moment, to allow us to move in a deeper reality of the Self.

There is no time to postpone things anymore, for everything is unfolding and shifting now in great leaps and bounds! No mistake about it, we can all feel it. Embrace these opportunities and don't resist it anymore in order to have control over everything. We need to let go and to trust now. Extraordinary experiences are the order of the day now, I have had some of those and will write about them when the time is more appropriate for it, as it is something that is very personal and I need some time to comprehend and place it all before I really can expand on this. It has to do with precognition and timeline jumps being at those timelines and realities simultaneously as being here.

Be happy, be joy, be love and share this all with one another. We are Brothers and Sisters of Light, no enemies or competition. Everyone is respected, loved and appreciated for their own Divinity and being. I Love you!

Meline Portia Lafont

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