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Hilsen fra Inelia

Before I sit down to write an article, what I do is to be silent for a while and tap into linear thought structures.  Thinking linearly is actually quite hard for me, but necessary in order for the article, or message, to make sense and be effective. And be short enough for a person to read in one sitting.

Today I failed miserably to get into linear thought, and the result will be something much longer than my regular articles. What you are about to read originates from various consecutive viewpoints (I managed to pinpoint a few so that I could convey them in words), while looking at one topic.  These viewpoints (the points I managed to bring into thought form, and from which we can look at the topic at hand) don't appear to be related, but they are. Instead of waiting for me to become structured enough to be able to write in a linear fashion, I decided to invite you in on the process itself by requesting your presence during the "gelling" of thoughts as they come into existence in our fractured linear structure reality.

Why is linear structure reality fractured? Because linear thought, human word language, and linear time are "bits" of attention placed one after the other so we can digest them more easily and make sense of what we are experiencing without getting overwhelmed. The moment we separate one whole experience, or seeing, into words, we fracture it. But a sense of it still comes through, and if we are open to it, we can fall into the whole experience of the timeless and structureless reality from where it came.

So this is how the Human Collective Feels Like is the title of this article.  The reason I chose it is because it most accurately explains what I have been perceiving and experiencing the past week.

For reasons known only to Gaia and the universe (mystery always adds interest to our minds), I was given the opportunity to spend a full week in Costa Rica with my daughter Daniela at a 4 Star private club holiday destination.  I would like to thank the indiviudals who made this possible.

With no internet to speak of and an energetic break at a time when I have many projects, tools and other items on the works that will accelerate our collective expansion of awareness, created an environment that I don't often get the opportunity to enter: rest.
The first four days I spent in a strange state of physical discomfort (my body can't take air travel right now), with a massive migraine and extreme exhaustion manifesting as physical lethargy and sleepiness.

Meet Elena of the Healing Hands...

All beaches in Costa Rica are public access beaches. Which means that when you leave the private hotel property and step onto the sand, a dozen or so individuals will descend on you to sell you something. Tours, timeshare, day trips, jewelry, and in our case, massage therapy on the beach.

I have met thousands of healers. And a few of them have touched me with healing intentions. The touch in all but two of these individuals have been extremely painful and energetically uncomfortable. The reason is probably that the majority of healers still use their personal energy, which is full of their unresolved issues, history, structures brought in from hundreds of lifetimes, or a structured energy bundle they have learned as a tool to heal with. This doesn't mean their touch is not effective, it just means that for my physical and energy body it translates to pain.

In my life, there have been two individuals who have not caused this uncomfortable pain, and one of them is one of the ladies who provides tourists with massage therapy in Papagayo Beach, Costa Rica. The moment she touched my hand to lead me away from the other sellers, (which the others respected as my attention focused on her), I knew she had "manos que sanan".  In English this translates badly as "hands that heal".  I don't remember where I learned that term, but it is an ability that is often passed from parent to child, although it can skip one or more generations. It means that the person has direct access to Source energy, bypassing all structures, egoic or otherwise, that the person might carry with him or her in every day life.

She massaged the back of my neck as she told me the therapy method they use, natural oils, and theory behind the structure and its execution. I felt no pain.

One of her partners joined us and she too massaged my back and neck as we stood there chatting about cost and schedule... man was that painful.

When the second lady left, I turned to Elena (not sure if that's how to spell her name, it might be Helena), and said, "you have manos que sanan, did you know that?" She gasped and said, "how did you know?"  I told her I knew a little about these things and could tell when someone had them. And that I had only met one other person on the planet who had them in my 47 years here.

"My hands have been blessed," she said. "When I was a small child, my grandmother demanded to see me on her deathbed, so I was brought to her. She told me I would work with my hands and then asked me to put my hands against hers, I felt the energy, a transfer, and it was done, she had blessed my hands. She died immediately afterward."
"People don't know it," she continued, "but we heal hundreds of tourists here every year. They come for a massage, but we heal them. They come hardly able to walk, and leave straight, full of energy and able to walk."

She told me she was in tripadvisor, with 5 stars, but I wasn't able to find her there.  I am not trip advisor, but I know an exceptional individual when I meet him or her. And Elena is exceptional, unique. If you need healing, I suggest you invest in spending 7 days near Papagayo Beach, find her and book an hour per day for seven days (she has her tables at the beach access to the Occidental Grand Papagayo Hotel, off route 255 which is on the North West Costa Rica coast.

So this is how the Human Collective Feels Like
The next day (our second day in Costa Rica) I spent half an hour under Elena's care. And it helped with my exhaustion and opened a point out of space time where I could experience the human collective without the burden of "stuff".

Years ago I shared an experience during my first public interview which talked about a very dark being on Earth, possibly the "black pope".  It was an experience that happened in the "astral" or "mystical" realm of awareness. I had been requested by Source to work with a very dark person at a psychic level. To hang out with him, and write his doings as a book. After working with him for a few weeks, during one of the sessions, I found myself outside a vast mansion. There was another man outside the mansion carrying crosses, books, and other paraphernalia, a psychic, with the intent to give front to the person I had been working with. I looked at the psychic, and knew he would be destroyed if he entered the grounds, the reason was obvious, he was afraid. I communicated to him to stay where he was, not to go in.
I stepped into the grounds, and found my way into the mansion, all the time I could feel the energy we know as evil all around me. It was in part of the location, like the air we breath. Like a color. I remember thinking, "so this is how evil feels like against my skin".  There was absolutely no judgment on my part. No expectation, no curiosity as such, just the experiencing of what we know as "evil".

When working in the mystical realms, I interpret houses, or buildings of any sort, to be the person's life. I worked my way through the rooms, feeling through the energy as it became thicker and thicker. Eventually I found the man I had been working with, he sitting on a throne. He looked at me, and I looked at him. He was pure, perfect, evil. I sat next to him and simply observed his perfection, the perfection of his energy. Allowed the experience to be felt.  Suddenly, and unexpectedly, he conveyed a request for "clemency". As soon as he did that, I felt pure source energy passing through me directly into him. He then transformed from the darkest energy I had ever experienced, to the most beautiful, pure light. I was really surprised and shocked, and as I reentered my physical body, I felt a few minutes of judgment and "unfairness" to how he had been simply transformed without "paying the price" of what he had done to our planet, our species and all those innocent children and people. But that judgment passed quickly as it was simply an egoic shadow reaction from my human construct called Inelia.

So this is how the Human Collective Feels Like

I swam in the ocean. Every environment on the planet, including the human collective, sings a different song. It is all very busy, extremely busy, with constant and multiple communication to and fro. The ocean is one of the environments I find most comfortable. Water and salt does purify the busy-ness, and also buffers us from the heavy load coming in from the human collective.

Sometimes, when we spend too much time in a room that smells of apple pie, for example, we no longer smell the apple pie. But someone stepping into the room from the outdoors, will experience the full aroma of the apple pie, the warmth of the room, and the joy and comfort that apple pie brings to most hearts.

I spent a lot of time swimming in the sea, watching the fish, snorkeling and enjoying "apple pie comfort".

Everyone who has ever been to a holiday resort will know that it is heavy with human stuff as most people on holiday take holidays because they really need a holiday. And this resort was no exception. It was quite full, and very heavy.

As I stepped out of the ocean, the energy of our collective would hit full blast.  But instead of being painfully heavy, due to the opening outside of space/time I was able to simply sit with it, look at it, and experience it.  So this is how the Human Collective Feels Like. It is simply a color, a note, a feeling against our skin. A symphony of busy-ness, emotions, experiences, importances.

That's when I heard it. It was a simple request from Source to sit and simply observe and experience the Human Collective. And this is when I want to ask you something. The request is not just for me to do this you see, but for you to do so too.

Can you sit and experience and observe how the human collective feels like?
If you got a reaction, emotional, mental, or otherwise when you read that, please process it. Use the Fear Processing Exercise, and change the word "fear" for whatever you are feeling or thinking.

And then step back into the room, and experience what the human collective feels like.  And simply state over and over again:

This is how the Human Collective Feels Like

When you can be in the room without any judgment what so ever, no desire to heal, take action, do something, experience something, connect with something, but simply be in the room and experience the human collective, then we have accomplished the request.
During the holiday, we went out to sea in the hope of seeing dolphins. I didn't get to see any dolphins. They were busy with their scheduled activities, something about a pod of yummy fish that was swimming past at that time in a different location (to mine). They knew I would understand.

They obviously have no idea how childish and petty I become when it comes to being rejected in favor of a pod of yummy fish.

This is how the Human Collective Feels Like

I don't know why we are being asked to do this exercise. There is no "outcome" involved, or wanted, from my perspective. If the wish of an outcome was to enter my mind, judgment would be involved and the exercise would have to be restarted.
Let me know what you experience!

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