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14th May 2014: Full Moon in Scorpio - a message from Sarah Varcas - Wednesday, 14 May, 2014

Release From Duality

This Full Moon occurs on 14th May at 7:17 pm GMT in the 24th degree of Scorpio. It comes with a powerful message about how the mind works and the importance of understanding its twists and turns. We all have a mind and with having one comes the responsibility to use it well and not allow it to run away with us or call too many of the shots! This Moon warns us against engaging in black and white thinking, good/bad, right/wrong. It sounds obvious, I know, but it is the nature of the mind to discriminate in this way and whilst such discrimination has its place, when we allow it to impose its dualistic values in every aspect of our lives we allow the mind more sway than it deserves.

This Full Moon is in a separating conjunction to Saturn: it is leaving form behind to embrace a more expansive outlook and we are advised to do the same. Dualistic division inevitably simplifies even the most apparently clear-cut circumstances; the most obviously ‘wrong’ thing in the world is part of a whole macrocosm of influences and conditions and cannot, in all honesty, be separated from them and distilled into an incontrovertible statement of good or bad. Not if we really want to understand what’s going on.

Of course, it is human nature to simplify and pare things down. It helps us get through the day without getting bogged down in too many existential considerations! But it’s also how all manner of prejudice is born; it’s how ego tells us we’re better than others, more worthy, more special, or worse than others and deserving of nothing. And it is this aspect of mind to which this Full Moon points, for we can make all manner of awesome changes in our own life, embracing authenticity like never before, but if we believe this makes us different, special, better than those who haven’t, we have missed the whole point of what transformation is really about. We have merely taken the same old dualistic mind along with us into a new setting. If transformation is not reflected in a change of mind and heart which recognises that awakening is not about discovering we’re special but about discovering that life itself is sacred, that no living thing can possibly be more special than another, then we have missed the point and are still running on the hamster-wheel of ego.

We have just under a year left of the Uranus/Pluto square which has characterised the past couple of years and shaken awake most of us in some way or another. This Full Moon reminds us that there is no destination on this journey but instead a constant state of becoming which requires commitment and staying power if we are to ride its waves for the duration! If we invest our sense of identity too deeply in any aspect of our experience we risk anchoring ourselves to a point in our development which was only ever meant to be a brief repose and not a place to live. Likewise if we do the same to anyone else, no matter who they are or what they have or haven’t done, we prevent their growth by concretising the part of them which exists in our mind, holding them to it for our own egoic ends.

This Full Moon is liberating and energising. It invites us to release our judgements, free up our hearts and embrace the possibility that no comparison is ever accurate in a universe of infinite possibilities. In doing so it challenges us to face up to why we divide and judge in the first place, what our true motivation is and where it really gets us in the long run. Whilst wise discernment is a necessary tool on the spiritual path, releasing egoic judgement is a vital practice and one with which we must get to grips as early on as possible!

As we engage with the energies of this Moon we can use them to identify where in our lives we are acting from a healthy and well-adapted ego, one which enables us to navigate the world at large without needing to inflate or minimise our own or another’s importance, and where we are playing all kinds of mind-games in order to feel okay about ourselves, usually at another person’s expense! In undertaking such discernment we have a chance to recalibrate our outlook and shift our perception to reflect the complexities of life, rather than dumb it all down to convenient polarities. The more we can make this shift now the better able we will be to navigate the road ahead in due course, when the Uranus/Pluto square enters its finale and demands that we embrace true freedom, not an ego-shaped and therefore limited kind…

Enjoy the Full Moon everyone.

Sarah Varcas

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