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The Lemurian Choir - Ancient Sounds - For the Future *

The genesis of the Lemurian Choir project took place in San Diego, CA 
November of 2010 during a channelling with Kryon through Lee Carroll
During this channel, Kryon discussed the Pineal TonesTM that Dr. Todd had 
been developing over the past decade. It was then that Kryon told him 
what the tones were and what they were to be used for. 

After ten years of fascination and passion for developing the tones, 
the full picture was painted, and the purpose was made clear. 
It all began to make sense...

"I wish to take you back in time. Only thirty thousand years [ago] Lemuria was still high, and 

water had not yet come up. I take you into a stadium, Yawee. It is filled with almost 800 people.
They are selected to be there, selected for their voices and their knowledge. I want to take you there
to feel this... four hundred are on one side facing the four hundred on the other side.

You, Yawee, are in the middle, and they are singing pairs of pineal tones, creating quantum magic."
                                                                                                                                    ~ Kryon, November 2010

The Lemurian Choir was Born
The mandate was made clear; to recreate the sacred, annual ritual performed by our Lemurian ancestors for the first time since the fall of Lemuria to activate the vibrational shifts necessary to carry us into a new galactic cycle beginning December 21, 2012.
Since Dr. Todd's sacred assignment was to assemble a 'pineal choir' of several hundred people...
in Hawaii...
from all over the world...
to sing the tones in pairs...
at a specific time for a sacred purpose...
he felt a great urgency to get organized and begin anchoring this concept quickly
So he named it The Lemurian Choir Project and vowed to offer as many seminars as possible to reach as many people as he can before the joyous reunion in 2012. Then he went back to teaching the tones just as he had been for past 10 years. 
But he added something very special to the program - the sacred energy of the intention of this higher purpose
and the invitation to all of t
he old souls that are called to be there. 
Come experience this immersion in personally transformative tonal vibrations that can send intensified waves of healing throughout the entire global energetic grid system. The Lemurian Choir project is building to the ultimate re-creation of an ancient method of choiring, lost in antiquity. 

On December 21, 2012 on the island paradise of Maui, we will transmit vocal harmonics through time and space, sending a message unsung for 26,000 years... 

we remember,
and we thank you... 

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