tirsdag 20. mai 2014

Har du hørt om John som tenkte seg om et øyeblikk?

If you haven't heard John's story, it's truly remarkable. If you're not familiar with the term "economic hit man," they are people whose jobs are perfectly legal and aligned with business school philosophy but involve profit, often in the developing world, from economic destruction. 

John was a highly educated, very accomplished, Chief Economist advising the World Bank, the US Government and Fortune 500 companies guy. And he eventually realized he was basically an economic hit man. 

John then went through a spiritual transformation that turned him so far from this path that he's become a profound teacher of shamanism for the modern world. He's become an exemplar of the new seeking to emerge. 

His journey, from part of the system of destruction to the system of regeneration - is at the heart of the journey we are ALL making. 

You see, every one of us participates in systems that are destroying our world in some way, whether it's pumping gas that came from a destroyed ecosystem to eating factory-farmed bacon to turning on the air-conditioning in our homes. 

The ecological devastation of our world is something we ALL have a hand in. And that's part of why the call with John this week is so important. 

To turn things around, we need to change the entire dream of the West, which begins in each of our psyches. It's a dream of competition and accumulation rather than collaboration and living lightly. It's a dream that is corroding the quality of our lives. 

To "dreamshift" to a healthier, more loving, more sustainable dream, as John teaches us to do, requires accessing the ancient skills of shamans from around the world, who learned to create inner journeys that speak the language of the deeper psyche and soul. 

When we do, we can shift things at the very foundation of our minds, thereby creating healing, openings, connections, and more. 

John is invited to teach executives of Fortune 500 companies these skills for a reason: dreamshifting skills are highly effective at creating deep change. 

So whether you want to change your job, your relationships, your happiness set point, or the way we live our lives on planet earth, Dreamshifting offers an important key. 

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