fredag 30. mai 2014

Every day Lessons from the Divine - From a Teacher of English in Lithuania

I am getting the best lessons from observing my daily dealings with whoever the day brings along its course.

A tiny example:

I am teaching English a 10 year-old girl. She is very willing and diligent. Usually I am patient with my young students, smiling and joking, when they make mistakes or can’t remember something. However, two weeks ago my patience snapped when she could not translate the word 'English.'

She translated it as England… At first I just smiled, asking her some leading questions, like 'Where do English people live?' Or “'what are you learning now?' hoping, they would lead her to a correct answer. Finally, I could take no more of ''I am learning England”, and instead of laughing, I got mad… Spoke quite sternly to her…

After she left, I felt deeply ashamed that I had lost patience… Next time she came I hugged her and apologized, saying how bad I felt.

The little one smiled it off , hugged me in return with so much love and said “It’s all right, teacher, you s h o u l d have scolded me, I am very absent-minded…”

Since that ‘episode' my patience has doubled – my little ones are my best teachers… And everyday life – the best school…if you are attentive and self-observant… And it’s amazing with what ease I am noticing all my “slips” nowadays… After this I always say “THANK you, You are teaching me gently and gracefully…” This comment goes to my Higher Self…

This is real work!!! And I am enjoying it. I am just going my way and growing from the inside… It’s happening. And it’s sweet. Even when “watered by tear-drops”. After some rain the SUN is always shining again in my skies… no worry.


Notes on Working With the Ancestors

From San Francisco, California

I have been doing work forgiving and blessing my ancestors for over 11 years, since I sat on top of blessed Mt. Tamalpais on my 50th birthday, feeling into my matriarchal and patriarchal linages. Feeling their love and support and my deep gratitude for this life and body.

Many times I took courses with Dr. Haleakala doing Ho'oponopono work. My first time with him, I went up to him after hearing him say "the room is stuffed with your ancestors if you could only see it. "

It took a lot of guts to ask a question in those workshops as he could be a fierce fire of liberation. I asked him what the ancestors wanted. And he said to me, rather fiercely and poking me in the chest, "They are here to see if you are going to take self-responsibility."

Wow! That was intense, but over the years I have continued to honor my wonderful mother and father and my grandparents and forgive forgive forgive. It took some doing with my Mom, because she had that judgement thing going on about alot of things-- sometimes me and sometimes the grandkids. God Bless her Soul. She lived to be 89 and I miss her.

Anyway... I love that the Grandmothers are bringing this work forward.


From Belgium

This letter came in response to an SOS from a Grandmothers' Beacon in another country.

Three years ago I was at the California Gathering for the first time when you spoke about the Ancestors. From that moment until today, I meditate and pray every single day, non-stop for all of life, every country, all dimensions, every race, and for all difficult areas on Mother Earth.

I lead three Grandmothers' groups and always I bring in the Ancestors. It is magnificent work!! So be sure that I'm always working like this, even if you don't hear from me. I'm always spreading the Light, teaching others how to work with the Golden Net of Light, every single day, non-stop. So whenever anyone asks something for certain places or for somebody in this world, that moment, it's already done. That is my Way of living with the Grandmothers.

With lots of love,


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