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Cosmic Weather - Physical Avatar Report, 5/8/14 - a message from Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

Hello friends. With so many shifts happening in the current energies, I was guided to share another Avatar Report.

NOTE: The group Physical Avatar is located in higher dimensions at the Akashic level and is related to the physical and emotional well-beings, shifts and challenges in the collective.

I was shown right now that we are in another powerful vibrational upgrade period that will peak around 5/15 (the day after the upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio.) I will go more into the aspects of that moon in my upcoming Full Moon report, but just to remind here that it will further activate a strong water element (Jupiter/Neptune) and will be a powerful time for personal and collective healing. Energy healers, shamanic and other spiritual practitioners especially, please be advised.

The head and upper chakras are especially engaged at this moment, especially the "Zeal Point" chakra which is located at the back of the neck and rules higher consciousness and also dreams. It for the moment is considered a vestigial chakra that will assist in the movement from the 3D to the 4/5th dimensions. Imbalances in this chakra can manifest as grief trauma, drug or other addictions, an overactive mind, mood swings and a general lack of harmony. I was shown that this is being balanced in the (awakened) collective on a fairly wide scale which may be resulting in "spaciness," eye/vision issues, and mild headaches and/pressure in either the front or back of the head. This should pass soon, but with all physical symptoms that persist or become severe, please seek the guidance of your preferred health practitioner.

I am also hearing reports of back pain and have also experienced that myself. I was shown that the first three chakras are also in process of healing and re-wiring, so to speak. Issues around finances and abundance are "up" right now. Some affirmations that may help are: I AM a resource for Source. All of my needs are met with ease and grace, etc. It may not be enough however to work with affirmations alone, as some deep seated beliefs around worthiness and receiving are emerging strongly right now. You may want to work with your own Guidance and/or a proficient spiritual counselor/energy worker in this regard for clearing.

**Empaths and sensitives please be aware that the fear and anxiety levels are also high. This may be manifesting in the empath community as stomach discomfort and solar plexus disturbances, etc. DAILY grounding and centering practices are vital, especially in leading up to the powerful Full Moon next week.

Working with the *breath* and also the Violet Flame energies right now are strongly indicated due to all of the material that is being released and to keep the collective vibration high. Gratitude and appreciation to everyone who does daily Light Work to assist in this regard.

Cosmic Weather - Physical Avatar Report, 5/8/14

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