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Archangel Gabriel - by Marlene Swetlishoff ~ May 7, 2014

Beloved Ones,

Let us have discourse on the quality of love known as strength. This quality is developed within each individual as they progress through the challenges, experiences and stages of their lives, as an underlying force in the inner character of each person. As one meets their unique challenges and rises above each one, this quality is fortified and magnified as a part of one’s innate ability to weather any storm that passes through their individual field of influence in the world. Each individual is given many tests and trials to help develop this quality within them, as it fosters a connection to the divine aspects within, for it is when an individual is tried and tested that they reach deeper and higher within them in order to overcome and successfully meet the challenges and obstacles that come into their lives. In turn, this quality serves to keep one grounded and stable in all facets of their life on Earth.

This quality of love also develops the capacity of an individual to gain this quality in their mind and to use it daily to follow the promptings of their inner guidance despite the outside forces that try to sway a person from the path they have chosen. It is called into play constantly and the more often it is used, the more powerful it becomes. This quality of strength of mind affords the owner of it to stay focused and centered on the inner workings of their own soul plan that they have come to Earth to experience. Each individual is unique in the path they have chosen and this quality called strength adds power to its expression and manifestation in their lives. During these exciting and pivotal times on Earth, this quality is constantly coming into play in each person, as the changes in all facets of life take place around them. Exercising this quality of mind in each situation helps an individual to remain true to their own journey.

Many people choose a life that is filled with ongoing challenges and obstacles that seem to occur with regularity in their lives. These are people who at soul level are desirous of gaining more of this essential attribute of the soul, for they know it is a necessary component for developing into powerful individuals who can successfully create a reality of their own choosing in their environment. Through the experiencing of these challenges the individuals learn that there are higher laws in effect that cannot be controlled by physical or external force and that the wielding of this quality of strength must be tempered with empathy, compassion and love - for themselves, and for all others who share their environment. It is during this honing process in the fires of purification of one’s thoughts, words and deeds that one’s whole being is being brought into alignment with the Creator of all. When one’s whole being is in alignment with the Creator of all, one’s life expands in ever increasing opportunities and wondrous synchronicities to bring into their experience of life.

The quality of strength must also be an attribute of the heart in order to develop spiritual strength and energy to always stay connected to one’s own inner truth and stay grounded in love. One must have faith and believe that they are connected to and are a part of a higher purpose and destiny and that they are here to manifest the higher aspects of their divine essence. It is through this quality called strength that one’s faith in a higher purpose for their individual life keeps an individual firmly grounded in common sense, right thought and right action. Always doing what is perceived and felt as the right thing serves each individual by keeping them immaculate and incorruptible in their soul. As long as one does this, and foregoes the temptation to disregard the inner voice of spirit within them, one remains an ambassador of all that is right and good in the world.

There are many temptations for each human life upon this planet which conspire to remove a soul from their path of goodness, honesty, kindness, reliability, fidelity to spirit and purity of heart. The world today is filled with these choices for each individual – this requires the quality of strength to choose to take the high road of doing that which is right for the continued expansion of their soul growth, higher potential, experience and understanding, or to succumb to the illusions of the ego so prevalent during these times which take an individual off the higher path. When an individual chooses to succumb to the temptations of this world they lose their way and their connection to the higher aspects within them. They are beset with feelings of fear and doubt, guilt, anguish and remorse, unworthiness, justification for their choices and inner turmoil. These feelings come from the higher aspects within them which try to bring the individual back into alignment with their true purpose using this quality of love which helps to manifest into physical expression the divine essence within them. When each individual uses the strength within and follows their higher path and purpose, everything in their life flows with peace, harmony, happiness, creativity and inspiration.

I leave you now to ponder on the secrets of employing this quality of love known as strength.

I AM Archangel Gabriel

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