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Golden Age Messages from the Masters from founders of the Ascended Masters Mystery School


When human beings see that they have been living their lives in ways that have not been supporting their God Presence, it will initiate a profound inner awakening that will release dormant energies that are now needed to bring humanity into a Golden Age. This will involve dropping many of the desires of the ego and all of humanity’s ideas about how they think life "should" be so everyone can explore more of their unlimited Divine Self with a sense of awe and wonder. As Saint Francis and Claire, we chose to leave our old lives behind and to start again with virtually nothing but our profound desire to live as a Christ.

~ Ascended Masters Kuthumi and Lady Claire

May 2014

The force of love is now flooding into your world with such intensity that the old fear-filled, dualistic ways of being will not be able to survive. Old issues and traumas will soon just fade away so you can enter your new Golden Age in absolute freedom from the limiting paradigms that have been sustaining the consciousness of humanity.

You are here to design new ways of living and being in your world that will support every facet of life in ways that will sustain your ongoing freedom. There will no longer be an endless list of subtle or obvious infractions that have involved one against another. There will only be acceptance, forgiveness and cooperation with people understanding that love erases all that has gone before. This will create a fresh start for everyone who chooses to live on the planet in this new way ~ to live on Earth as their Presence!

Higher qualities of love, internal wisdom and authentic power will be manifesting within every heart when everyone agrees to align more fully with the consciousness of their Presence. Much progress can then be made in a very short period of time. Humanity will soon come together in absolute cooperation so a unified effort can be made to create new and better ways of serving each other and the world. This will allow for a much sooner actualization of the highest potential of every soul.

The Crystalline Blueprint for life on Earth is aimed at allowing the Divine essence of Source to be lived through the uniqueness of each and everyone of you. It is through the diversity that abides within each of your unique creations that God actually gets to interact with your world and expand the Love and Light of Source within the hearts of humanity. As you become increasingly more aware of the gifts and talents that you have accumulated over many lifetimes, doors will open so you can share these gifts with the world. This will initiate more co-creativity by bringing others into your life who want to collaborate with you.

Now is the time to focus your energy into whatever you are directed to create that will make your new Golden Age a reality on Earth. You are each key in this process and in being a wayshower for others in this ongoing transformation. Every system in your body is being upgraded to assist you in being increasingly more active in this co-creative process.

Everyone on Earth is intimately connected into all of the changes that are going on within and around all of life. We ask you to remain grateful for all that is taking place because these changes are all directed at lifting the frequencies within every system in your body and within every form of life. These important transformative changes are taking place within and around you and many of you may still be transmuting and eliminating that which is no longer serving your higher plan for these times. All that you do has the potential to positively or negatively affect the field of every individual on Earth. As more light enters into the auric field of every individual, the frequency level of the whole planet rises accordingly.

This ongoing process is allowing individuals, families and communities across the world the opportunity to live with an increased sense of optimism and unconditional love for one another. As denser thoughts and emotions continue to dissolve, this is also giving you much more energy to develop the skills and abilities you have been given to create a new Golden Age. All is moving into place for the highest possibilities you have glimpsed and the most glorious potentials you have sensed to be actualized during your present cycle. When you are living and serving as your Presence, then your life takes on real meaning and purpose.

When enough of you learn to live in this way, you will create Heaven on Earth.

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