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Buddha Wisdom at Wesak - a message from Selacia - Thursday, 8 May, 2014

If the Buddha celebrated at Wesak were alive today, he would experience a dramatically different world. That world is your world, and your challenge in these moments is to find new ways to walk the spiritual path.

That path is timeless, as are the teachings of the great ones like Buddha, the Christ, and Kuan Yin. They shared universal truths to remind you of your divine nature and the love that it is at your core.

Buddha Alive on Inner Planes
Even though these enlightened beings are no longer in physical form, they are very much alive on the inner planes. When living on the Earth, they discovered timeless wisdom about the true nature of existence, applying it to everyday life situations. As they did this, they set the template for enlightenment.

At Wesak season – including at Wesak celebrations such as those occurring this weekend – you have increased access to this template for your own journey. Not only that, since the veils between dimensions are thinner at such times, it becomes easier for you to receive tangible connections with the Buddha and the other ascended beings.  Likewise, you have more opportunities to evolve spiritually because of the auspicious blessings available at this time.

If you’re wondering how the Buddha would be challenged by texting or other modern technology, you can be sure that he would face similar frustrations about living in the “on” position 24/7. Most likely, he would be talking about the need to find balance and quiet time.

What Buddha Would Teach Now
Certainly, the Buddha would be teaching about how to stay connected to the world while still managing to meditate and do spiritual practice. As part of that, he would remind us to cherish and honor one another – not allowing devices and nonstop media to replace genuine human contact.

To be sure, the gaze between two people or the sound when two people speak remotely in present time cannot duplicate a mechanized exchange. There is a palpable energy that gets exchanged between people who are physically engaged with one another in the present moment. Your eyes and ears take in much more than you may imagine. It is through such energy exchanges that you learn from others, helping you to see yourself more clearly and to evolve spiritually.

Enlightenment cannot happen in a vacuum. It occurs in a process over time as you fully engage with life, the world, and other people. This was true for Buddha, and it is true for all of us. You may be saying about now that it’s much harder today – not so simple and too many distractions.

Mindfulness the Key
To some extent this may be correct, but the Buddha would tell us that mindfulness is the same now as during his lifetime. It is up to each of us to learn to master our own mind – only we can do this in the moment. Even if we were able to shut off the outside world for days – no TV, no texting, no phone calls, no visits from others – our own nonstop untrained mind would keep us quite busy!

A Buddha in Training
We can learn mindfulness as Buddha did, controlling our thoughts and our ruminating mind. The masters like Buddha remind us that we can do what they did – that we are Buddhas in training.  Buddha simply means enlightened one.

Think of yourself this Wesak season as a Buddha in training. Let go of the small stuff that arises and appears threatening. Focus on the big picture and the long term. You are, after all, eternal and you are wired at a DNA level to achieve mastery as the Buddha did. Trust this.

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